About Me

January 3, 2021
Hi Guys,

Welcome to my little spot on the Interweb.

If you’re just getting here my name is Renee, but hardly anyone calls me by that name. I’m mostly known as Renz. My coworkers call me ‘Robert” but that’s only when I’m hungry…which is 80% of the time. I was born and raised on the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago but have migrated to South Florida and been here 6 years. 

On one side of my brain (the real-world side), I am the computer geek pursuing her Master’s degree in Information Security. So if you see some random post on some weird technology, please don’t be alarmed. On the other side of my brain, I am a food taster and restaurant reviewer. (I wish I was in real life).

I LOVE food.

Somehow I don’t remember having that love for food when I was younger. My interest was in physical activities. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself being a food blogger. Meals were prepared in our home regularly, but maybe they were not exotic enough to grab my interest. Living on my own forced me to prepare meals or “eat out” and that is where my creativity kicked in. I wanted food that was different, even at restaurants I thought of ways to alter/ improve meals that I ordered. I hardly ate at the same place more than once, just so that I can sample and, in some cases, copy their recipes and make the necessary changes. Now I have made variations to the meals my parents prepared and those I sample at restaurants. I now zagat my own homemade dishes as I do those at restaurants. Because of my busy schedule, I have to find gadgets that make my cooking quicker and easier.

I do not profess to be a trained food expert or a recipe maker. I can eat well, but
creating recipes isn’t my greatest accomplishment. My recipes are usually adapted from family recipes, cookbooks or somewhere on the internet.

 I don’t really care if this sauce came from the other side of the world, I don’t really care if the chef has 30 years in the industry and I really don’t mind that you may not have a maĆ®tre de at the front door. I do care that food was worth me coming to your establishment. I am far from closed minded with food and I think I should be able to give a good rating on food: It tasted good versus it didn’t taste good.

At HomeMadeZagat, I plan to show you my achievements, and failures, at trying out new recipes I’ve found or made up while dreaming about dishes I had at restaurants. You will also see restaurant and event reviews from across South Florida. (I am a Zagat am I not?) Since I am also a Gadget freak, you are going to see posts on any kitchen gadget that I incorporate into my kitchen adventures.

I am especially proud to be able to introduce to more and more people the culinary aspects of the Caribbean islands. It has been with much gratitude to not only be able to have other "islanders" reminisce about the food they may have grown up with but to be able to also introduce a new group of people to the magic that is "Island" food.

I also LOVE my dog!! 

He cute eh?? 

Spot... my Boston Terrier
You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & Pinterest. You can also send me an email at homemadezagat[at]gmail[dot]com or by my contact form.

Please take the time and poke around as we both try to be the Top Chef in our own kitchens.