Coconut Jerk Chicken Wings with a Mango Mustard Sauce

Spicy, coco-nutty and crispy, this jerk chicken recipe infuses traditional fried chicken with quintessential Caribbean flavors.

Jerk Fried Chicken

Happy new week!

I continue the series of wings recipes this week.

We going to step away from the tangy wings and bring you a fiery one.

I introduce you to a succulent jerk wings recipe. But it's not that baked jerk wings. This is a fried jerk wings recipe. The outside is nice and crunchy, the inside soft and succulent. Then we have the perfect dipping sauce with a spicy mango mustard dip; the ideal balance of sweet and hot.

Sticky Sorrel BBQ Wings

A traditional wings recipe with an un traditional sauce. This tangy sauce made from sorrel (hibiscus blossoms) is the perfect grilling sauce for the summer.

Sorrel Wings

It's been an exciting week with this sorrel BBQ sauce. Everyone wants to taste it. I have people coming to my house to get some to test on the grill. I think summer was the perfect time for me to finally get this recipe right.

I've been winging it these last few weeks. I got a load full of wings and wanted to try to make them all different ways with flavors that were a little less traditional.

Or more so, I wanted to try to use some recipes that incorporated Caribbean ingredients and condiments. Trying to bring a new twist to the traditional wings for summer time grilling idea.

So this first set is fried chicken wings. I can't believe I opted to fry these. Hot oil and I are not friends. More so I "fraid it like pussycat". But I decided to curb my fear and do this fried.

Wings frying in oil

They can easily be grilled, or even baked instead. Or do you have an air fryer? Throw them in there too.

Are you a flats or drum person? Or you don't care, just give me chicken. I am both flats and drums kinda girl. I do hate tips on though. Ugh.

These wings are coated with my easy wings sauce recipe for my Sorrel BBQ Sauce. This is the tangy sauce of the season. There is no sweet and tangy, or hint of sweet in here. It's straight up just a tangy thing.

When I say sorrel, I am not talking about the leafy green sorrel, but the red hibiscus petals that people from the Caribbean and Africa call sorrel. You can learn more about it in the BBQ sauce post

Sorrel BBQ Sauce

I decided to make this recipe on a hot summer day. Actually, it was pouring the morning and I was already agitated because it looked like my plans were being foiled. I was getting very upset.

You have to understand that I am a planner. When I have meticulously worked out all the details and it doesn't go as it should (aka as I planned it), I'm in a funky mood. But by midday, the sun came out and "mission wings" was about to happen.

I went with frying for these because I feel like that is the first "how wings are done" method. And I wanted the sauce to really stand out. I felt like frying would be better than grilling with this recipe.

Yes I know, it's summer and it's hot. Really not that much people want to light their ovens. But trust me you want to (or you can grill). But I'm from the Caribbean, we are always in "summer" so it wasn't too much for me.

This is an easy recipe. If you are accustomed to frying chicken then you can run through this quickly. A simple flour, fry and sauce process.

Wings in Sorrel Sauce

I wanted the wings to be sticky. You know the "eat a wing then have to dig the sauce off your finger" kinda process. That's why I mentioned in the sauce making post to make sure it thickens and sticks to your spatula. That means also that the wings needed to be coated and fried to well done to make that sauce stick to the wings.

And you don't want the wings to sit in the sauce too long with the tossing. Cause it could get soggy if you happen to walk away to deal with your baby and forgot you were tossing wings.

This went down with all the sticky goodness.

And I had them warm too. The way I prefer wings, especially with sauce.

Licking fingers and smacking lips.

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Sorrel BBQ Wings

A quick summertime wings recipe. The perfect crispy wing, tossed in a tangy sorrel (hibiscus blossoms) sauce.
prep time: 35 minscook time: 10 minstotal time: 45 mins


  • 1 lb wings (separated and tips discarded)
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 1 tablespoon salt 
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • Oil for frying
  • 1/2 cup Sorrel BBQ Sauce
  • 2 tablespoons green seasoning


  1. Wash and clean wings
  2. Season with green seasoning (or salt and pepper to your liking). Let sit for 30 mins or more (can be overnight)
  3. When ready to fry, take chicken out and get to room temperature
  4. In a plate, add flour,  paprika, salt, black pepper
  5. Add wings to flour and coat, shaking off any excess flour
  6. In a deep pot, heat oil to medium high (to test if ready, use a wooden spoon and make sure bubbles are being formed at a rapid pace)
  7. Fry wings to a golden brown
  8. Set to drain on napkin lined plate
  9. In a non reactive bowl, pour sorrel BBQ sauce
  10. Add wings to bowl and toss (add more sauce if desired)
  11. Serve
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Sorrel (Hibiscus) BBQ Sauce

A tangy barbeque sauce made using dried sorrel leaves. Perfect for that summer time BBQ

BBQ sauce made with sorrel leaves

It is summer time and the weather here in South Florida is heating up!!

I know grills are being dusted off, scraped down, washed down and dragged to the side of the house to be used every day. There is going to be a lot of burgers, hot dogs, and wings.

I know one thing we are going to be using in abundance is that barbecue sauce. Yesss. We gonna be slinging that bad boy on a lot of things.

We going to go with sweet, try some honey, use some plain ones. But today, I'm introducing you to a tangy beauty of a sorrel bbq sauce.

Mussels in Coconut Milk

A delicious, quick and easy dinner dish of steamed mussels in a creamy coconut milk sauce. A great dinner option perfectly paired with some pasta or toasty bread.

Mussels steamed in coconut milk

I ventured out of my comfort zone a bit.

I finally made my own mussels dish. I've always been wary of making my own mussels and scallops at home. I'm not sure why I have been apprehensive about it, but that fear is definitely over.

This was dribble worthy with a flavorful coconut milk gravy with just enough pepper to make me sniffle.

Pow - Steamed Meat Buns

Delicious bao buns, stuffed with seasoned meat and steamed to perfection

Steamed Buns

I was extremely excited when I opened up this month's Callaloo Box and saw that it was a Caribbean Chinese themed box. Yaaaaay

I have mentioned numerous times that Trinidad and Tobago is a multicultural country so as a result, we have a lot of different foods from these cultures that have been adapted to be "Trini".

Trinidad Currants Roll

A flaky pastry dough, ram filled with currants. The perfect afternoon snack.

Currants roll sliced up

I am so happy to finally be able to share this all-time favorite with you. Finally. This currants roll recipe has been a labor of love, or more so patience.

This is a flaky pastry crust that is ram packed with currants.

A roll of messy goodness!!

So let's discuss this flaky pastry making.

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