Conch soup

A delicious soup that would easily transport you to the Caribbean with its flavor. This conch soup is packed with not just conch meat but also corn, potatoes, carrots, and dumplings. The perfect soup option.   I feel like I'm becoming the girl with all the conch recipes. I was gifted some conch by a friend and I just want to share all of the delicious ways we use it at home and across the Caribbean. We have surely seen that it is a meat that can be used in a variety of ways. I've already shown you how to curry it , along with having it steamed and now as a soup. If you are new to conch and eating it, I have an " about conch post" where I go into detail about what the meat is, what does conch taste like, how long it will take to cook, and the different methods to tenderize this meat. In the Caribbean soup is king. There is no season for it. In fact, Saturday is THE day for soup. And soup with just about anything. We love a good hearty soup that can include one

Coconut Milk Pasta

A great weeknight dinner option to satisfy your family, this creamy pasta dish made with coconut milk is your best pick. Paired with some smoked sausage and bell peppers As much as I love cooking, I really sometimes do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen actually cooking. Those times I try to make up dishes that are quick, not much work, and still packs a punch with taste. This coconut milk pasta concoction hits all those points. A delicious one-pot with luscious sausage, and bell peppers simmered in a creamy pasta sauce with coconut milk. Hitting all the points needed for a great dinner option.
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Curry Conch

A bold, flavorful dish of tenderized conch meat, cooked down in a spicy curry sauce. Pair this with some boiled dumplings and ground provision and your guests will be eating out of your hands. One of my favorite meats curried is conch. Have you ever had it? Once cooked correctly, it becomes a nice smooth, buttery meat that has been cooked down in an aromatic curry sauce. After that, it's just time to pair it with some dumplings and an array of ground provisions. Yummy. Like shrimp or curry crab , this seafood is simmered down into a nice curry sauce with or without coconut milk depending on your preference. (I prefer it with). This Caribbean favorite requires a little work prior to making it tasty. This recipe was the last recipe my dad made before he passed away, and it has taken me a little bit of time to get it posted. He loved cooking untraditional meats like conch, and other meats we call "wild meat" which would include things like agouti, rabbit, wilks etc. I
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Trinidad Pastelle Recipe

A steamed cornmeal dish, stuffed with minced meat, olives, and capers. A Caribbean Christmas favorite that your guests would love. One of the top sourced items in a Trinidad and Tobago house at Christmas time is pastelles. These things are prized possessions. How could a savory cornmeal pie, stuffed with some kind of filling and wrapped in banana leaves (or foil) be such a high stake commodity? You need to try one to understand. But these little things, along with black cake , ginger beer , sweetbread , and punch ah creme are the things to have on your Caribbean Christmas list.  
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Best cassava cake recipe - Cassava Black Cake

A decadent cake baked with rum-soaked fruits. This cassava black cake is a twist to the traditional Caribbean fruit cake replacing traditional flour with cassava flour. This is the best cassava cake recipe you will find. A cassava black cake. This cake is a rich cake, mixed with rum-infused fruits. Just the type of cake you want your guests to partake in. It is a Caribbean tradition to have a black cake around the holidays. It's usually our Traditional black fruit cake using regular wheat flour. But now I have another option for you. This cassava black cake is an alternative to your traditional black cake, and I can assure you it is a pretty close runner to the original.

Trinidad Black Cake

A decadent cake made using rum-soaked fruits that would leave you begging for another slice. Perfect for your guests this holiday season.   I bring to you the best Trinidad black cake recipe . Black cake is the ultimate Christmas cake in the Caribbean. All the islands indulge in some form and the name can vary: Jamaican rum cake, Trinidad black cake, Barbados rum cake. They may be made slightly differently but they are all the same thing. The perfect Caribbean Christmas cake. Popularly known as "black cake" but sometimes can be called fruit cake or rum cake. The reference to the “black cake” is because of the color. “Fruit cake” since we use so many types of dried fruits. And well “rum cake” because, well it's soaked in rum. This is not your regular cake. The smell of this making plays amazingly with your senses. The sweet, the tart, the rum. These things are so decadent that they sometimes last for months. It's the type of cake people used t

Orange Ginger Chicken

An easy roasted chicken recipe with a ginger orange flavor that's perfect for the holidays Well, you guys know I am from the Caribbean. Thanksgiving the holiday itself is not a part of our holidays. But since living in the US of A, I've come to love the occasion and the gathering of family. And the food and all the fixings of stuffings and holiday sides I know this year's holiday celebrations will be a bit smaller. And I think this ginger orange chicken is just what needs to be a part of this new menu. We will agree a nice moist roasted meat is always the star of the show at Thanksgiving. And this chicken is just that. And once you try it you will agree. Why brine a chicken?    In this recipe, I brine my chicken. I mean you really don’t HAVE to, but I highly suggest, for the best, moistest chicken you’ve ever had, BRINE IT!! Brining helps to tenderize meat that is lean. This helps to make sure that it doesn’t dry out when it is being cooked. This is the main reason the brea