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Tamarind "Tambran" Sauce

It's Friday guys. Another week is done and now for the weekend. Today's post is all about this sauce that I am addicted to. Every time my best friend is coming to visit me I make sure she brings me cheese from Trinidad (it's a real thing) and tamarind or as we say it, tambran sauce. This savory sauce can be used on anything, but I especially love it on doubles  or bake and shark .
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Banana Fritters

We use bananas for a lot of things. We make banana smoothies and other drinks, we make banana breads and muffins. Today I'm going to introduce you to another option to use those bananas that are going bad. Today I am sharing a recipe for banana fritters.

Trinidad Coconut Sweet Bread

This coconut based bread would leave you rushing for another slice. A sweet bread filled with raisins, dried fruits, and spices. Perfect to be eaten alone or paired with your favorite spread. *This post was updated on 9/30/2018* What a weekend!! Not only was it Memorial weekend but it was also my ceremony from Grad school. My parents were in town visiting and we did some shopping for the weekend. With my mom being here I decided that I needed to fully utilize her. I dragged her into the blogging life for a bit and we did a few things in the little free time we found in the weekend. Our first venture was making her favorite, Sweet Bread, a favorite in Trinidad and Tobago.

Chickpeas Tacos

Sometimes you want a meal to satisfy you that does not require a lot of work. A meal where you can quickly fix and eat instead of having to spend an hour cooking before you can dive in. These easy chickpeas tacos with guacamole smash fits the bill. It is easy, tasty and quick.
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Okra and Rice

Are you tired of eating that plain old rice? Then here's a recipe for you for a for some variety. In this dish you are not going to get that okra in that slimy way that I detest eating it. With this rice mix we are going to eliminate that gummy residue that we usually don't like okra for and have a nice seasoned dish.
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Trinidad Saltfish Accra

Making these always makes me happy. Accra is that one thing that is another party favorite in Trinidad. Accra is saltfish (cod) mixed up with flour and seasoning that is then fried. And oh so yummy. I am a saltfish lover so I may be a bit biased but I am sure you would agree with me.
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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Last thanksgiving we had a potluck at my job and one of my coworkers brought in his slow cooker so that he could make his dip. I insisted that there was no way a dip could beat the jerk chicken I brought, along with all the other "real" food other people brought in. A dip is a snack, a sure potluck loser. Boy was I wrong. That buffalo chicken dip was the overall winner. There was a steady line for replenishment. This dip is Ah-Maz-Ing!!
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Easy Roasted Vegetables

I can't believe that I am posting this recipe right now. Vegetables used to be the bane of my existence. It would need to have my veggies heavily covered in sauce or gravy, wrapped in a meat. It would need to be stuffed in something that I cant see and ultimately can't taste for me to easily say "I ate vegetables". Here I am now giving you a recipe for roasted vegetables that I LOVE.
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