Jamaican Gizzada Recipe

A delicious open face tart filled with sweetened coconut and topped with a cherry.

Jamaican Gizzada Recipe

It's snack time!! I realize that a huge area in Caribbean food is dedicated to desserts/snacks. I have an ongoing argument discussion going on, on what is the difference between a snack and a dessert, but anyway. We do make a lot of things that is not main course related. And we use a lot of our natural resources, especially the coconut.

Today's snack/dessert is coming from Jamaica (by the way of Portugal based on what I learned about this) and is a yummy delight. A sweet open faced tart that is packed with well-seasoned grated coconut that would surely have you reaching for me.

Traditional Trinidad Corn Soup

This warm and flavorful soup is perfect for the cold and warm weather. Packed full of flavor from the sweet corn to the succulent dumplings and a little bit of pepper.

A traditional corn soup recipe for this popular Trini street food. Made with split peas, corn and dumplings this soup is commonly an after fete snack especially around carnival time

Can you imagine that it's almost the end of February already? We are about to head into the 3rd month of the year, ALREADY!! And it's also Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago. Dubbed the Greatest Show in the World I can honestly say it is definitely an experience worth having. Though I am not in the land of oil and water celebrating this year, I'm sharing with you one of the many popular foods from my country, especially around this time.

Corn soup is just is ram packed with split peas, corn, dumplings, provisions and the flavors are thick and heavy... and delicious. It's the perfect "pick up" after a night of feteing, drinking and dancing the night (or day) away.

Delicious Spicy Butter Bean Soup with Jerk Shrimp

A creamy soup, packed with amazing flavors and a kick of jerk shrimp. The perfect soup for the cold nights.

How to make butter bean soup

Sometimes living in Florida I forget about all this Winter experience since we get mostly warm weather during this time. That is until one random day I wake up to 54 degrees (yes that's cold for us) and I get a reminder that other places are getting lower temperatures consistently.

But I will take any excuse to slurp on this soup. This creamy soup is ram packed with flavors in layers that surprise you since it's such a simple soup. It is such a satisfying soup that smells amazing while cooking. I can assure you everyone would be thanking you after eating this.

Easy Stove Top Jerk Shrimp

A quick and easy weeknight meal that can also be used to top salads or incorporated into other dishes. Perfect to add that little kick to your dishes.

Finally, I am here.

Can you imagine that we are almost halfway through the first month of the New Year already? I know I am a bit late kicking off 2017 but I was hit with that nasty flu that had me down and out for 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!!

But I am glad to be back and starting it off with this oh so easy recipe that packs a punch. This jerk shrimp is spicy, tasty and quick. It can be used as a main dish, can be added to other dishes or easily used as a topper on a salad.

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