Wednesday, January 28, 2015

MeasuPro Ultra-Fast Cooking Thermometer

*I received this product free to give my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my honest opinions*

I've always thought I should get a thermometer for cooking. Especially for my meats like lamb, turkey, whole chickens, but I always opted for just timing my meat by it's weight. I have never had much failures with that method but I have had numerous "Ugh this is not ready" moments. Try lifting a turkey in and out of the oven numerous times with macaroni arms like mine.

MeasuPro Ultra Fast Cooking Thermometer

So I was excited to try out this MeasuPro Fast Cooking Thermometer. The company promises that using this tool would boost your confidence as you would now be creating perfect dishes. The thermometer is able to read from a range of 32°F to 392°F.

This was pretty easy to use. There is the thermometer, a probe with a 36 inch reach. The company ships with a battery which his very cool. You set the thermometer to what you would desire the temperature of what you are cooking to be, and it shows you what the actual reading is at the moment. When the actual temperatures matches the intended temperature, the thermometer would beep for notification.

MeasuPro Ultra Fast Cooking Thermometer
What I loved about this device is that the thermometer comes with a cable attached to the probe that attaches to the reader. This cable is very thin so it allows the oven to be closed without there being a heat leak. This really helps with the concept of "leave till it beeps" baking.

MeasuPro Ultra Fast Cooking Thermometer

And I was very happy with the outcome. Knowing the temperature for your specific type of meat is also provided on the manual by the company, or you can easily Google what is acceptable. Usually my turkey is done but a bit dry, cooking it to the accepted temperature gave it a cooked juiciness that I was very happy with.

After this experience, I should have gotten a thermometer a long time ago. IT really takes the hassle away from guessing when food is done, and having the cable allows for also not having to continuously open the oven to check. Some other good news is that this is not just confined to being used in meats. It can be used for cakes, candies, chocolates.

I am excited to use this in a a couple days in some cupcakes. I just need to investigate what cupcake's accepted temperature is.

This thermometer can be found and bought on Amazon.

If you have been using a thermometer to cook, please drop me a line and let me know what your experience with it has been. Do you prefer cook to by time/weight or by temperature?
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