Spiced Rum Balls

A sweet, dense chocolate ball  infused with a dark spiced rum

Spiced Rum Balls: A sweet dense chocolate ball made from wafers, walnuts and infused with a dark spiced rum. Perfect for parties and special occasions. #HomeMadeZagat

It's that time of the year again when everyone is out to show their significant other that they are loved. Valentine's Day is here!! If you are anything like me and think with one-half of your brain that this day is just a commercial stunt, but two days before the day comes you decide you want to fall into the celebrations, then these spiced rum balls are the choice.

These chocolatey balls are a great Valentine's Day savior.

Caribbean Herbal Tea

A delicious tea, rich in antioxidants and vitamins using traditional herbs and spices

Caribbean Herbal Tea: An amazing combination of native herbs, creating a delicious herbal tea providing nutritional benefits. #HomeMadeZagat

Head spinning, sinus aching, tummy trouble? 10 out of 10 times, in a Caribbean household someone is going to tell you to "Go drink some Tea". West Indians love to drink tea. We are especially drawn to making our tea from whatever fresh herbs and spices we can easily pick from right outside our windows. Nothing beats using steeping fresh herbs and getting it's numerous benefits while being delicious. Popularly known to us as "bush teas", these caffeine free teas are also known for their native uses

Pigeon Peas Soup

A hearty and flavorful soup filled with pigeon peas just like granny used to make it.

Pigeon Peas Soup: A deliciously hearty Caribbean soup filled with pigeon peas and various ground provisions #HomeMadeZagat

There are some soups that just makes you smile when you put that first spoon in your mouth. Each spoon filled with a deep, flavorful broth, and topped with dumplings, meat (optional) and a host of ground provision. And this pigeon peas soup does not miss that mark. Everything you want in a soup whether it's cold winter or not.

Caribbean Chocolate Tea

A warm and delicious chocolate tea ideal for the cold months

Caribbean Chocolate Tea - A delicious blend of chocolate infused with spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. #HomeMadeZagat

I can remember the mornings waking up and smelling tea boiling on the stove. It's a smell that really pulls at your stomach strings and lets you know that breakfast is being served. Chocolate tea was specially made on Christmas mornings at my house. It was just a kinda tea that just needed to be made on special occasions.

Since making this tea for me was so special, I feel like giving a special person a chance to try a pack of raw chocolate. 

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