Easy Corn Pie

A delicious corn casserole popularly found on dinner tables in the Caribbean for Sunday lunch.

Trinidad Corn Pie

This corn filled pie can easily be the star of your lunch or dinner table. It is an amazing corn casserole filled with, obviously, corn, and vegetables and baked until crusty on the outside and soft and sweet with a little savory on the inside. It is easy to make and finishes in a flash

Trinidad Pumpkin Choka (Talkari)

An easy side dish, perfect to be eaten with rice or roti

Pumpkin Choka - An easy recipe for seasoned, mashed pumpkin dish, traditionally severed as a side with roti. www.homemadezagat.com

Can you just go ahead and add this to your dinner plans tonight? Or you can just go ahead and make it for lunch. This is going to be the best pumpkin side you will ever taste. This steamed, kinda stewed, pumpkin is delicious, especially considering you don't do much to make it. Popularly known as choka or talkari, this pumpkin is steamed down and can be eaten with plain rice or saada roti.

Ginger Pineapple Lemonade

A refreshing mix of citrus juices, perfect for the hot summer days

Ginger Pineapple Lemonade

It's that time, when we need to start to grab the extra sunscreen and pump the AC ALLLLL the way up. OMG, this weekend the weather in South Florida was ridiculous. It was 93 degrees at 11am!! Can you imagine what it felt like at 1pm? Hoooooot!! And this drink saved our lives, and I can assure when that heat hits you where you are, you are definitely going to grab this lemonade that is amazingly refreshing. This mix of ginger syrup with pineapple juice and lemon and lime juice was the FIRST drink every member of my family devoured in less than an hour AND it had NO alcohol. Like the heat we are getting, this is record breaking!!

Haitian Pikliz

A spicy coleslaw, that finds a perfect balance between pickled vegetables and heat

Haitian Pikliz Recipe

Do you have any Haitian friends? If you do then I can assure you that somewhere in their kitchen there is a bottle of pikliz just sitting waiting to be eaten. This is a perfect blend of sweet, sour and spicy. Cabbage, carrots, peppers are soaked in a vinegar bath and ready to top almost any meat you can think of.
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