Fish in Coconut Curry Sauce

A delicious dinner of fried fish simmered in a coconut curry sauce, best served over white rice.

Fish in Coconut Curry Sauce

I am always so excited for Sunday's to make dinner. The week is usually such a busy one that I can't really make anything too fancy. I'm either too tired to even care what I'm making, or getting ready to rush out and just don't have much time to put in too much effort. So when Sunday comes, I go all the way in.

This Sunday was no different. Dinner turned out to be a white fish, fried and left to sit in a creamy coconut curry sauce that created so much flavor while it simmered. This flavorful dish took me all of 30 minutes to make so can easily be done on a weeknight. But this 30-minute dinner is fit for a queen and tastes as though you slaved making the sauce for hours.

Refreshing Lime Juice

A refreshing drink of fresh lime juice, perfect to quell the summer heat.

Lime Juice Recipe

As the summer starts getting into full swing, and the heat levels are rising, staying hydrated is key. This refreshing lime drink is what you need. This drink is extremely popular in the Caribbean islands who have an abundant supply of limes like Trinidad and Guyana. The juice is as popular as lemonade is in the United States. It uses freshly squeezed lime juice and is sweetened with sugar (or honey or cane sugar) and a few dashes of bitters.

Ready to drink up?

Cornmeal Coo Coo Recipe

Coo Coo Recipe

Today I introduce you to coo coo. A dish that pulls on the African heritage of the Caribbean islands. Full of cornmeal, okra, pumpkin all folded together to make a side dish that pairs amazingly with some stew fish, or pork. This is not your regular side dish.

Spicy Seafood Creole

The perfect weeknight meal: quick, savory and spicy seafood combination

Are you ready for a one pot dish that doesn't require much work in the kitchen but packs a flavourful punch? Easing back into the work week is always such a struggle for me, so most times I love to have a dish that cooks quickly but where I don't have to sacrifice flavor. This combination of shrimp and crab meat, cooked in a sauce of tomatoes with celery and ochro makes the perfect weeknight dinner.

Did I mention it's quick?
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