Chicken Foot Souse

A popular street food in Trinidad and Tobago that would make your taste buds tingle with delight with the highly seasoned water.

Recipe for Chicken Foot Souse

When I first had the random urge to eat some souse a few weeks back, I was a bit apprehensive about turning it into a post. It's one of those dishes that people can easily love it or just the same give you this weird face for eating it. You know, those dishes you really love but someone, somewhere else thinks you're mad for eating it.

Souse is a popular street food in Trinidad and Tobago. Most commonly made with pig foot (something I don't it) there is also another popular alternative of using chicken feet. Yup!! Chicken feet.

Caribbean Guinness Stout Punch

A combination of bitter, sweet and cool, this Guinness Punch is the perfect drink to cool down on a hot summer day.

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Guinness Stout Punch

And I'm back, with another dranky drank. I told you before I love punches. I definitely got that from my daddy. I originally did this easy recipe for Guinness Stout Punch in 2015 but after having to whip a batch up recently I decided to update my pics and give you guys a fresh new post.

This drink is popular in Trinidad and in Jamaica. It's a little bit of sweet, some bitter and definitely some cool. This creamy mix of Guinness stout and kinds of milk, along with some spices really makes this a hit.

One Pot Cuban Yellow Rice (with Chicken and Sausage)

A flavorful one skillet rice dish, packed with chicken and sausage and other amazing ingredients. The perfect dish your family would love.

Cuban yellow rice with chicken and sausage recipe

Happy new week everyone. A new recipe is up. This one pot rice dish is coming to you all the way from Cuba and it is delicious.

This dish is flavor filled and packed with meats and will have everyone clambering for more.

Martinique's Le Planteur Drink

How to make Le Planteur

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the Martinique Tourism Authority. In return for my time and creative effort, I'm being compensated financially for this post. To be able to keep providing you with great content I have to collaborate with companies. As always all opinions expressed are my own.

Let’s go to Martinique!

Today I'm excited to start a series of highlights of Caribbean islands themed "Let's Go". I'm starting with Martinique, the isle of sophistication (I branded them myself by the way) and also have a great opportunity to get you there if you are lucky.

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