11:41 PM
Hey there,

This journey of blogging has been quite an exciting one. I started this blog just to note recipes I found on the internet and a fun way to share them, now I have turned this into creating some of my own recipes and sharing ones I grew up on. But I got some help along the way from some other blogging friends.

Here are some resources that helped me turn my blog from a low-level journal to the blog it is now and will continue to grow to be. Some of these links are affiliate links, i.e I will earn a little income if you do decide to make a purchase through these links.


Food Photography Book

This book helped me take my pic game from zero to 90. It is very straightforward and user-friendly, and I love how Nagi easily shares her tips and tricks with us to become better photographers.


Craftsy has many online classes, especially photography classes. This one I took and it explained a lot about using my camera and the best basic techniques. After this class, you would be more comfortable with your camera and with the book above ready to dive into taking some gorgeous photos.

Food Photography: From Plate to Photo


Demystifying SEO: A Blogger's guide to Search Engine Traffic

This book is a game changer for beating that SEO bug. It's is mostly directed to those on blogger (for now). It gives a full explanation on why SEO is important and takes you through the steps to make sure that not only are your posts SEO friendly for ranking but that your whole blog is ready to be ranked high in those google searches.


How to grow on Twitter for bloggers

I doubled my twitter followers in less than 2 months using this book. And it was a pretty easy process and you gain real followers. He provides a step by step guide, and videos, on finding followers in your niche, who will stick around for your tweets.