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Pumpkin Ponche De Crème

  An updated version of the classic Caribbean Christmas drink, ponche de creme. This time flavored with pumpkin. A great creamy, delicious option The season is here. Well not fully, but it's coming. I know a lot of people are gearing up for Thanksgiving at this time. But coming from the West Indies where it's not celebrated, I really don't put THAT much emphasis into it as I do with Christmas. And for me Christmas means black cake , ponche de creme and ginger beer . So I'm sharing with you this pumpkin version of this popular drink. And this one is a ponche de creme without eggs recipe. Please note though. Normally, my Christmas emphasis is really just on what we going to eat for dinner. For a long time, before I had my son, the hullabaloo that is Christmas prep annoyed me. You see, in the Caribbean, Christmas time is HUGE. Traditions are a huge part of our culture, so we do a lot of things, some of them, in my opinion, was a waste of time. As a r
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