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Saltfish Buljol Pizza With Coconut Flour

A play on the best Caribbean breakfast combo of saltfish buljol and coconut bake. This pizza had all the delicious saltfish flavor mingled with the familiar flavors of everyone's favorite guilty pleasure: pizza! Another month of Callaloo Box. For September they paid homage to one of the most loved condiments in the Caribbean, the coconut. The coconut is the heart of not just Caribbean cuisine but also of Caribbean culture. I mean, have you not seen a million pics with people posing somewhere in the islands with a fresh 'nut about to drink some coconut water?. Coconut trees line the beach fronts. Swaying while standing tall on the sands. Varying in color from the green to the yellow. Even seeing some of what we call the "Chinese" coconut, with its hue of orange.
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Jamaican Steam Conch

A delicious steam conch dinner with shrimp and okra. Perfectly paired with white rice or eaten alone as a dinner option. I love conch. I also love pacro (chitons) and mussels and all those other sea shell type meats. I can eat them every time. Living on an island, gettings these items were easy. We would pass someone on the side of the road trying to sell some fresh catch of the day be it conchs or crab and fish. But these little buggers were not cheap. Catching crustaceans is not an easy job. I know especially for pacro it's a lot of work. That means that you know you are going to pay a premier price for the meat. So that meant we also ate these things on occasion. Well, unless you decide to buy it already prepared at an establishment. I was pretty excited when I was gifted with some conch by a family friend. Almost 4 pounds! The excitement level was on high. I wanted to make five hundred recipes. I made a list of all the things I could make with the conch then real
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How to prepare and cook conch meat

A "how to" guide on preparing and the different methods of cooking conch meat. Have you ever had someone gift you some meat and you have no idea what to do do with it? Well today I'm going to help you figure out how to prepare conch meat. And after this, you would then be able to choose whichever recipe you want to cook it with. Majority of the time we get conch meat it is already out of the shell. Which is a good thing. It takes a special skill to get the meat out of the shell so I am glad that there are people who go ahead and do that for me. Even if we happen to get someone who just caught some fresh by the side of the road, (this happens often in the Caribbean), they take it out the shell for us. So I only have to deal with the rubbery meat that's out.
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11 Awesome drinks that would transport you to the Caribbean

Want to experience a Caribbean drink, that is not a rum punch? These recipes are drinks that regularly consumed in the islands. Most people, when they think of vacations in the Caribbean, they think of all tropical drinks they are going to have. You know those drinks you have while lounging in a chair by the seaside or next to the pool? Normally people always think of those tropical drinks with fruit juices and umbrellas poking out. But to be honest, rum punches are not drinks that locals indulge in a lot. Yes, we drink rum. Yes, we make punches, but I can assure you that when we think of beverages, a rum punch isn't the first drink we think of. We are more than just pineapple juice and mango juice We indulge in so many types of foods, that it isn't surprising that we, as a result, make drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with a wide range of ingredients. So I'm here to share with you some non-umbrella holding drinks that we, as West Indians indulge in
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