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Ground Provision Pie

An easy recipe to use popular ground provision items.  This casserole incorporates two popular ones cassava (yucca) and sweet potato and is the perfect side to pair with any meat dish or even by itself. It's pie time. Everyone loves a good casserole, don't they? I sure know I do. In most West Indian homes, pies are pulled out and made especially for Sunday dinners. And Sunday dinners are a big thing in Caribbean homes. It's usually ram packed with everything you can think of. From stew chicken , stew peas , macaroni pie , some kind of rice, callaloo , ground provision and some mauby . A lot right? Traditionally we just boil our ground provisions to eat them, but sometimes you want it in a different form, and here it is.
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Geera Chicken Neck

Looking for a dish to eat while hanging out with friends?  This geera chicken neck is a flavor-filled, spicy dish perfect to nibble on while hanging out. An easy recipe that creates a deep flavor with cumin, curry, and pepper. I can't imagine it's almost the end of Summer here in the US. I don't think I was even able to "Summer" properly. And it's almost over. But before the sun sets, and the heat abates (well not in Florida), you must try this geera chicken neck recipe. This is the ideal cutters. The perfect hang out with friends (in Trinidad and Tobago we call that "lime") dish. A fully flavored geera (cumin) and curry combination. Cutters are what we call finger foods in Trinidad and Tobago. Some are spicy or not so spicy. It's a food that acts as a buffer for liquor consumption. Yes, it is. So they are easily ordered at rum shops, bars, taken along to beach limes, or just having some people at your house. For me, geera
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