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Coconut Jerk Chicken Wings with a Mango Mustard Sauce

Spicy, coco-nutty and crispy. This jerk chicken recipe infuses traditional fried chicken with quintessential Caribbean flavors. Happy new week! I continue the series of wings recipes this week. We going to step away from the tangy wings and bring you a fiery one. I introduce you to a succulent jerk wings recipe. But it's not that baked jerk wings. This is a fried jerk wings recipe. The outside is nice and crunchy, the inside soft and succulent. We pair it with the perfect dipping sauce with a spicy mango mustard dip; the ideal balance of sweet and hot.
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Sticky Sorrel BBQ Wings

A traditional wings recipe with an un traditional sauce. This tangy sauce made from sorrel (hibiscus blossoms) is the perfect grilling sauce for the summer. It's been an exciting week with this sorrel BBQ sauce. Everyone wants to taste it. I have people coming to my house to get some to test on the grill. I think summer was the perfect time for me to finally get this recipe right. I've been winging it these last few weeks. I got a load full of wings and wanted to try to make them all different ways with flavors that were a little less traditional.
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Sorrel (Hibiscus) BBQ Sauce

A tangy barbeque sauce made using dried sorrel leaves. Perfect for that summer time BBQ It is summer time and the weather here in South Florida is heating up!! I know grills are being dusted off, scraped down, washed down and dragged to the side of the house to be used every day. There is going to be a lot of burgers, hot dogs, and wings. I know one thing we are going to be using in abundance is that barbecue sauce. Yesss. We gonna be slinging that bad boy on a lot of things. We going to go with sweet, try some honey, use some plain ones. But today, I'm introducing you to a tangy beauty of a sorrel bbq sauce.
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