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Chicken and Shrimp Chow Mein - Guyanese Style

A Caribbean twist on a traditional Asian dish of noodles, ram packed with chicken and shrimp and a host of vegetables. A delicious one-pot dish that is great for any weeknight dinner. There are some dishes that are just stand out dishes even if they are simple ones. And I think chow mein is one of those dishes. It's just simple and delicious. This versatile dish has many options. It can be made with vegetables only, with chicken, with seafood or with them all. A one pot of goodness that is bursting with flavor.
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Tobago Crab and Callaloo

A flavorful dish using dasheen bush simmered in a creamy and flavorful coconut sauce with crab. The perfect side dish for your Sunday dinner Welcome, 2018!! A few days in but better late than ever. After a hectic holiday season with family, I am finally getting back into the groove of getting a recipe up. I am sharing with you an island favorite; a Sunday lunch staple. A delicious crab and callaloo. This popular side dish is usually a must-have for Sunday dinner. It accompanies the stew chicken , the stew peas ,  macaroni pie and sometimes coo coo . And as my aunt says "callaloo must have crab in it" and I was lucky enough to score some at the Caribbean market one day. Finding the dasheen bush was not so easy though. I had to call around to a few farmer's markets before finding a little Guyanese store with some bundles. A substitute for dasheen bush (taro leaves) is spinach which is much easier to find. But trust me, if you can find dasheen bush at
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