The Ultimate Caribbean Holiday Feast

November 18, 2021
Want to serve up some Caribbean food for the upcoming holidays?

Here is a colossal list of Caribbean foods that will help you transport your guest to the Caribbean. From breakfast ideas to entrees, beverages, and dessert. You will definitely impress your guests.

Caribbean Dishes Index

At this time of the year, the mood is becoming exceptionally festive. It's the season of thanksgiving and goodwill.

The food element is not to be taken lightly. Preparation for Christmas (and the days after) starts for some people months prior.

It includes buying and prepping the different types of meats. Getting fruits to soak to make rum cakes, Even setting fruits to make wines.

The planning of the menu for Christmas can be very tedious, so I went ahead and created a colossal list of Caribbean dishes you can be sure to enjoy for the season.

Here you have every possible menu item you can have to enjoy a Caribbean spread for the season.

And if anything is missing, please let me know so I can add it.

Breakfast is an important part of the holiday celebration. Waking up to the smells of any of the foods listed below will be a full Caribbean experience

Fried Dumplings from JehanCanCook
Ackee and Saltfish fritters from JehanCanCook
Tostones from DelishDlites
Green Plantain Fritters from JehanCanCook
Cornmeal Porridge
Lamb Patties from JehanCanCook
Chicken Foot Souse
Rice Porridge from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Baigan Choka from AlicasPepperPot
Smoked Herring from JehanCanCook
Bake and Buljol (Saltfish)
Accra/Saltfish Cakes
Dosa from JehanCanCook
Caribbean Jerk Wings from SimplyCaribbean
Pig Foot Souse from JehanCanCook
Fried Plantains
Bake stuffed with Cornbeef from JehanCanCook
Geera Chicken Neck

Garlic Pork from JehanCanCook
Stewed Mackerel from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Steam Fish from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Jerk Roast Chicken from Alicaspepperpot
Curry Goat (Guyanese Style) from Alicaspepperpot
Curry Goat (Jamaican)
Curry Chicken (Trinidad and Tobago)
Curry Shrimp from ImmaculateBites
Curry Beef
Curry Chicken (Guyana) from Alicaspepperpot
Escovitch Fish
Chicken Stew (Puerto Rico) from DelishDlites
Creole Shrimp 
Seafood Creole
Stewed Fish from JehanCanCook
Fish in Coconut Curry Sauce
Jerk Chicken from JehanCanCook
Stewed Beef (slow cooker) from Immaculate Bites
Beef Stew from DelishDlites
PepperPot from Alica'sPepperPot
Roast Duck from JehanCanCook
Jerk Shrimp
Stew Oxtail

Curried corn from LimeandSpoon
Red peas and rice 
Boiled corn
Split peas and Rice from JehanCanCook
Breadfruit Pie from ThatGirlCooksHealthy

Sweet Bread
Jamaican ToTo from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Plait Bread from Metemgee
Coconut (Roast) Bake
Jamaican Hard Dough Bread
Tennis Rolls from JehanCanCook
Coconut Bake Biscuits
Hops Bread
Sada Roti from Alicapepperpot
Butter bread

Coconut Tarts
Fudge from JehanCanCook
Currants Roll
Coconut Icecream from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Black Cake
Cassava Black Cake
Pineapple Chow
Paime/Payme/Conkie/Dukanoo/Blue Drawers
Pastelles (Puerto Rico) from DelishDlites
Cassava Pone
PineTarts from JehanCanCook
Coconut Cream Cheese Flan from DelishDlites

Almond Soup from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Trinidad Corn Soup
Chicken Soup
Pigeon Peas Soup
Pumpkin Lentil Soup from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Cowheel Soup
Fish Broth
Split Peas Soup from JehanCanCook
Chicken Soup (Puerto Rico) from DelishDlites
Carrot Ginger Soup
Oxtail Soup

Chocolate Tea
Coquito from Alicaspepperpot
Ginger Beer
Soursop Punch
Ponche De Creme
Guinness Punch
Peanut Punch
Sorrel from ThatGirlCooksHealthy
Pumpkin Ponche De Creme

Jerk Seasoning Paste
Sorrel BBQ Sauce
Green Seasoning 
Pepper Sauce from AlicasPepperPot
Pineapple Chutney
Cucumber Chutney
Chow Chow
Sofrito from DelishDlites

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