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The Ultimate Caribbean Holiday Feast

Want to serve up some Caribbean food for the upcoming holidays? Here is a colossal list of dishes that would be sure to impress your guests.
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Traditional Paime (payme) Recipe

A sweet cornmeal pie, filled with flavorful spices, rolled up in a banana leaf and steamed to perfection. This recipe will take you back to a Caribbean Christmas. We are how many days away from Christmas? Time sure does fly! Thanksgiving is next week. That means all the food has started to be planned for the season. Because preparation is important. There are some foods that are intrinsically thought of as Christmas foods including pastelles, ginger beer and black cake . Another one of them is paime (pronounced Pay-Me). What is Paime you ask? This is a simple sweet cornmeal dessert, whose combination though can vary from island to island, but can unanimously be said that it is an island favorite.
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Spiced Ginger Beer

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Don Q rum for IZEA . All opinions are 100% mine. A refreshing spiced ginger drink, though not hot, perfect for the fall evenings. It's cocktail time!! And with the way the last few weeks have been going, I need 2, or 3 or 4. Every day has been hectic. I have been up and down running errands, trying to catch up with blogging and starting to get myself ready to head back to work. By the time night sets in I'm wondering where the day went and why didn't I get anything done. So yea, can I get a cocktail (or 2) please? And what do I love as a base for my cocktails the most? RUM (is that an "island" thing?) De-stress while sipping on a cocktail with some Don Q Spiced Rum.
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Callaloo Box - The Snack Box Edition

A review of Callaloo Box's snack box, full of  popular snacks from Trinidad and Tobago I received this box for free, but all opinions are 100% mine. As I mentioned to my email subscribers, I have fallen so far behind with things. How could I think I can easily manage a new baby, blogging, life and now... I'm back to work? My gosh. But I'm trying to play catch up with everything and it also includes another treat from Callaloo Box . This time it's a snack box! SNACKKKS
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