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Yellow Saffron (Turmeric) Rice - Caribbean Style

An aromatic rice dish, seasoned up with saffron (turmeric) and loaded with sweet peppers, raisins and a hint of pepper. Perfect for the weeknight dinner. I could have sworn last week I said I was staying away from rice for the rest of the year. Then I felt for some of this yellow rice and I had to make an adjustment... quick This recipe converts your regular, everyday jasmine rice to a beautiful fluffy, yellow rice dish that you just can't stop eating.
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Callaloo Box - November Box

A US-based, Caribbean subscription box featuring seasoning, marinades and hot sauces from Trinidad and Tobago . I recieved this box for free, but all opinions are 100 percent mine. Another month, another Callaloo box . I was fortunate enough to get the November callaloo box and I was again super happy with the contents. Another month, another great array of Trinidad and Tobago products.
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Oxtail Macaroni and Cheese

A non-traditional twist to the traditional dinner option of a gooey macaroni and cheese, infused with the earthy flavor of slow cooked oxtails. This mac and cheese recipe is not your traditional mac and cheese. It's creamy, gooey and tasty yes, but it's also packed with one of my favorite meats: oxtails. This then makes this a double whammy favorite. If you are looking for a new version of your regular macaroni and cheese dish, this is the one to try.
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