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Caribbean Guinness Stout Punch

A combination of bitter, sweet and cool, this Guinness Punch is the perfect drink to cool down on a hot summer day. This post may contain affiliate links And I'm back, with another dranky drank. I told you before I love punches. I definitely got that from my daddy. I originally did this easy recipe for Guinness Stout Punch in 2015 but after having to whip a batch up recently I decided to update my pics and give you guys a fresh new post. This drink is popular in Trinidad and in Jamaica. It's a little bit of sweet, some bitter and definitely some cool. This creamy mix of Guinness stout and kinds of milk, along with some spices really makes this a hit.
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One Pot Cuban Yellow Rice (with Chicken and Sausage)

A flavorful one skillet rice dish, packed with chicken and sausage and other amazing ingredients. The perfect dish your family would love. Happy new week everyone. A new recipe is up. This one-pot rice dish is coming to you all the way from Cuba and it is delicious. This rice dish is flavor-filled and packed with meats and will have everyone clambering for more.
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