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Traditional Trinidad Corn Soup

This warm and flavorful soup is perfect for the cold and warm weather. Packed full of flavor from the sweet corn to the succulent dumplings and a little bit of pepper. Can you imagine that it's almost the end of February already? We are about to head into the 3rd month of the year, ALREADY!! It's also Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago. Dubbed the Greatest Show in the World and I can honestly say it is definitely an experience worth having. But I am not in the land of oil and water celebrating this year. Instead, I'm sharing with you one of the many popular foods from my country, especially around this time. Corn soup is ram-packed with split peas, corn, dumplings, provisions, and the flavors are thick and heavy... and delicious. It's the perfect "pick up" after a night of feteing, drinking and dancing the night (or day) away. And if not this soup then some fish broth or cow heel soup can do the trick
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