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Delicious Spicy Butter Bean Soup with Jerk Shrimp

A creamy soup, packed with amazing flavors and a kick of jerk shrimp. The perfect soup for the cold nights. Sometimes living in Florida I forget about all this Winter experience since we get mostly warm weather during this time. That is until one random day I wake up to 54 degrees (yes that's cold for us) and I get a reminder that other places are getting lower temperatures consistently. But I will take any excuse to slurp on this soup. This creamy soup is ram packed with flavors in layers that surprise you since it's such a simple soup. It is such a satisfying soup that smells amazing while cooking. I can assure you everyone would be thanking you after eating this.
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Easy Stove Top Jerk Shrimp

A quick and easy weeknight meal that can also be used to top salads or incorporated into other dishes. Perfect to add that little kick to your dishes. Finally, I am here. Can you imagine that we are almost halfway through the first month of the New Year already? I know I am a bit late kicking off 2017 but I was hit with that nasty flu that had me down and out for 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!! But I am glad to be back and starting it off with this oh so easy recipe that packs a punch. This easy stove top jerk shrimp is spicy, tasty and quick. It can be used as a main dish, can be added to other dishes or easily used as a topper on a salad.
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