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Tobago Black Eye Peas and Rice

The perfect one pot dish traditionally made to serve as the New Year comes in. A flavorful rice dish that your family will love. Once you have peas in your house for New Year's day, you would have plenty of everything for the New Year . This is the notion of why we in Trinidad and Tobago traditionally ensure that for New Year's day (Old Years) black eye peas and rice is cooked up and waiting as the New Year rolls over. This one pot dish is packed with the basics of basics that any house needs to survive: peas and rice. As the year turns over, we all want to ensure that we are provided with the basics to get through the new year.
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Holiday Gifts with a Purpose

I was gifted a product from the Macy's Heart of Haiti line, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Today's post is a bit different from my regular recipe posts. In this season of giving, I felt it was extremely important to share this project Macy's Heart of Haiti with my readers. Christmas time is the season of cheer and goodwill and Macy's has provided us the opportunity to not only just give a gift but give a gift that is purposeful and would continue to support a community. This is a perfect opportunity to give back to our Caribbean brothers and sisters.
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The Ultimate Chow Chow Recipe

The perfect topping for your Christmas ham, this chow chow is the ideal pairing. Pickle vegetables in a mustard base is the perfect holiday condiment There are some things that just need to be in your house at Christmas time. I guess we would call them Christmas staples? Without them, it wasn't really Christmas. Chow chow is one of those staples. Is it possible to eat ham without chow chow? This is a must have on the breakfast table once ham is there. Ham sandwiches on Christmas morning needed to have fresh bread, fresh ham and a dollop of chow chow on it. Without it, it just wouldn't be right. This recipe for making Trinidad chow chow uses everyday vegetables that have been brined and then simmered in a mustard base giving you that perfect kick to top a variety of options.
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