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Easy Spicy Cheese Scones

The perfect savory and spicy cheese snack that you would want to have as an addition to your breakfast or brunch. Can you imagine Thanksgiving has come and gone already? The year is over. But now I am actually excited to be in the season that I love. Christmas! I think because I didn't grow up with the tradition of Thanksgiving, that I am not really excited about it as much as I am about the Christmas season. I am so ready for it. As we transition from Thanksgiving into the season of giving, I give you today a light and easy recipe to move into the next season of food and family. These easy cheese scones are perfect fresh out the oven and are the best things to add your breakfast or brunch.
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Tobago Fish Broth (Soup)

A classic, light soup packed with varying ground provisions and fish. Full of flavor, this soup is perfect for the cool days and nights. The weather has officially gotten to fall weather here in South Florida. So it's time to pull out all the warming dishes. The funny thing is this fish broth wasn't eaten in the Caribbean to "warm you up". Having soup is a part of most household's Saturday ritual. Soup Saturday is no joke. Every Saturday as a rule. Not that there couldn't be other random weekdays some soup wouldn't pop up but know that Saturday mornings, a soup pot would be bubbling. This fish broth, or "broff" as it's fondly referred to as is a nicely well-flavored liquid packed with ground vegetables and slices of your favorite fish. It gets it's flavor from fresh herbs and well-seasoned fish. One taste of this and you will definitely understand why this dish, though considered a "poor man's dish" is well wort
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Easy Stove Top Stuffing Recipe

An easy recipe to replace that box stuffing. Packed with flavor and made with fresh ingredients. Perfect for the holiday seasons. If you make boxed stuffing, I command you to stop right now. Ditch that thing!! I am about to give you a recipe that is going to replace that generic stuff for an amazingly delicious packed stuffing using crumbs and packed with raisins and olives. This can be used to stuff your chicken, turkey or even fish. Or even better just serve it as a great side dish. If you think you are saving time using that box stuff, continue reading and realize that from scratch, this homemade stove top stuffing takes the same amount of time to create. 
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PawPaw (Papaya) Drink

A refreshing pawpaw (papaya drink) great for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up. While trying to find a name for this post I learned that we make a lot of "punches". Why do we call, and by we I mean Trinis and Tobagonians, refer to everything that "mix up" as a punch? So I decided to go against our norm and name this a "drink". Clever huh? Haha. So this is another mix-up drink that is beyond delicious and also has some major health benefits. Another easy blend, this time with papaya, which is more popularly knows as pawpaw in the tropical climates.
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Easy Jamaican Hard Dough Bread

A popular Jamaican delicacy, this bread is firm on the outside, dense and tender on the inside.  With a slightly sweeter hint than other bread, it's perfect for sandwiches that require a firm base. In this post I'll be showing you how to make this amazing bread and will be introducing you to another easy sandwich bread that is popular in other parts of the Caribbean. Well, well, look at me making bread and being so happy about it. Every week I go to the grocery I grab a loaf of hard dough bread and a loaf of potato bread. Before I could turn around, for sure the hard dough is done. Where de bread went? This firm, slightly sweet bread is a heavy bread that is perfect for making sandwiches. You know those nice turkey sandwiches, with cheese and lettuce and tomato. Yum!! Or paired with some jerk chicken to sap up the sauce. This may not be the exact replica of the authentic bread, it comes pretty close.
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