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Easy Stewed Pigeon Peas with Smoked Turkey

A hearty side dish that can be paired with a meat or eaten as a vegetarian dish. I love stewed peas. Or "stew peas" as we call it. I don't know why pigeon peas (gungo peas) are such a sweet pea and therefore makes for a great dish. Stewed peas in general, is a popular Caribbean dish, but the peas used varies across the islands. It is is an integral part of Sunday lunch and is one of those dishes that you know is just going to be "sweet" and satisfying when you eat it. Stewed pigeon peas is a great side dish that can be eaten alone if you are vegetarian or is great paired with the main meat dish.
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Orange Currant Bread

An amazingly delicious tender bread, with a hint of orange and currants. Words cannot convey how happy I was with this bread. This is more than just a bread. It's a winning bread. Not just because it has this amazing taste. Imagine a bread, not too sweet, with a fresh hint of citrus and sweet of the currants. That is this bread. A combination that doesn't really need much when it's time to eat it, but pairs well with a lot of things. But the amazing flavor is not the main reason I am over the moon with this recipe.
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Flavorful Dhal and Rice

A low simmer meal that easily brings flavor to your dinner table I have been feeling for dhal for over a week now. When I couldn't take it anymore I decided to get my split peas ready and fulfill my urge. Dhal is one of those things that require a nice low, slow cook so that all the flavors can be combined. The onions, split peas, cumin all simmer low making this into a nice flavorful and an extremely delicious meal that I consider "easy" to make. But surely it's not "easy" flavor. Not much is needed to eat with dhal. Commonly just some rice, or if you're fancy you can add some salted meat, but I can assure you rice is mainly all that you need.
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Delicious Sweet Potato Fish Cakes

A scrumptious family friendly recipe for fish cakes with sweet potato. The holiday is over. Can you see my sad face? It's always so good to get some rest on days your body thinks it needs to be working. How was your Labor day holiday? It was pretty quiet for me in respect to doing stuff but boy did I cook up a storm. Cooking has kind of become my relax therapy actually. Being in the kitchen takes my mind off of everything, it's just me and the food that does as I want it to (most times) with no resistance. Ha. Nothing better than that. I had much fun making these fish cakes too. Though it does take a little prep work, they were delicious and definitely worth sharing. These cakes are very well seasoned and so full of flavor. and make this a scrumptious item at any weeknight dinner.
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