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How to make coconut milk from fresh coconut

A step by step guide to making homemade coconut milk from a fresh coconut. Coconut is a staple in Caribbean cooking. Found in abundance, this one item is used to make so many different things and used in various foods, from sweet to savory. The most popular basic use of a fresh coconut is to make coconut milk or to make coconut oil. Coconut milk has so many amazing benefits and it's quite easy to make.
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The Ultimate Fruit Punch

The most refreshing blend of citrus juices, combined with fresh fruit. You need this!! Not all fruit punches are equal. Take my word for it. Yes, they all may be refreshing, but I can assure you some just take it over the top. And I think this fruit punch is the one. What I especially love about summer is the fresh citrus available at the stores. And how sweet they are. And this is what takes this drink a step above those other fruit juices. We use fresh juice. This ultimate fruit punch uses fresh orange juice, lime juice, grapefruit juice and is chilled then served with chunks of cold fruit. Yes!!!!
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Caribbean Vegetable Lo Mein

A one pot meal of noodles tossed with sauteed vegetables. What is the one thing I love about me coming from Trinidad and Tobago? Well besides carnival, is the multi-cultural aspect of it. My country has been influenced by so many ethnic groups and our food is a good reflection of them all. Today's post we focus on the Chinese and their food. I love Chinese food and I definitely think that Caribbean Chinese food has a distinctly different flavor than regular Chinese food because we obviously use ingredients that are authentic to the Caribbean. This lo mein requires a little prep work but is the perfect combination of noodles, tossed with vegetables in a seasoned sauce. It is a great one pot meal that is perfect for those weeknight dinners.
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Quick Trinidad Corn Soup

A quick creamy soup, packed with corn, perfect for both hot and cold weather.  Happy day after 4th!! I hope you had an enjoyable time with your family for the holidays. It's been such a gloomy weekend here in Florida for the past few days. Rain, rain and more rain. Then 10 minutes later the sun would be out shining brightly and heat levels back to 100 degrees. South Florida has the most bipolar weather ever. So with the rain and the gloom, this corn soup was much needed on Saturday when I made it. This version of this soup is ram packed with corn in different forms is quick, easy and packed with flavor.
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