Cheese Paste Sandwich Spread

April 20, 2016
A delicious, highly seasoned up cheese spread. That makes great sandwiches for parties.

Cheese Paste Spread

Cheese paste is one of those things that kids looked forward to every time they were invited to a party. Well, at least I did.

It was something that was expected at every party along with puffs. In fact, if you happened to go to a kid's party and there was no cheese paste then It's not a party.

Your your party was deemed a failure. (I may be exaggerating just because I love cheese paste)

This isn't just some cheese on bread. This a spreadable cheese mix that has been fancied up and almost made to a gourmet spread.

This is one of those recipes that is made free form.

There is really no wrong or right way to create this spread. The only must haves are cheese, carrots, onions and if you are under 10 years old a drop of coloring.

No seriously, it's not really cheese paste unless there is some color.

A heavily flavored cheese is needed to make this. In Trinidad, we have this vegetarian cheese that is oh so creamy and strong.

It's sold in huge blocks to the grocery store, who then cuts it up into smaller blocks and then sells it to us.

This cheese is so fresh that it usually has to be eaten quickly as it starts to spoil after about a week. Which is no problem for me. Every time my mom is traveling, she has to bring "Trinidad Cheese" for me.

Extra sharp cheddar can be substituted.

What I think made this a party star, wasn't just the fact that it was delicious, but that it's the fastest thing to make.

Well, once you grate all that cheese. Everything just needs to be added together and mixed to a spreadable paste

Cheese Paste Spread

This recipe is a great base for a good cheese paste.

I have seen people add celery, boiled eggs, parsley. Whatever you think you want to add but it must be able to spread nicely on bread or a cracker.

Did I say you can't forget the colors?

I don't know what it was about eating a blue or green cheese sandwich that sent kids into a frenzy. And somehow of all the food coloring in the world those two colors were the popular ones.

Cheese Paste Spread

And these were three layer sandwiches with varying colors, and the bread edges were neatly cleaned up.

OMG, I ate my way through so many of these.

Now as an adult, I am sure I can think up some other amazing additions. Pimento peppers? Chives? Honey or dijon mustard?

The possibilities are endless.

Cheese Paste Spread

But these sandwiches aren't and I'm always pretty sad when I realize I just had the last bite of the last one.

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Yield: Approximately 3 cups


A highly seasoned cheese spread combining the flavors of cheese, mustard, mayonnaise, and pepper sauce. Great for parties.


  • 9 oz of grated cheese (preferably a solid block of sharp cheddar)
  • 1 medium carrot finely grated (I grated then minced my carrots)
  • 1 tablespoon mayo
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon grated onion (minced finely)
  • 1 teaspoon pepper sauce (Make your own)
  • 1 teaspoon of mustard
  • food coloring (optional)



  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. The mixture needs to be creamy and spreadable.
  3. Add more butter if needed to get to required texture.
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Cheese Paste Spread - A Caribbean cheese spread filled with flavors of mustard, mayonnaise and pepper sauce

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