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Cheese Paste Sandwich Spread

A delicious, highly seasoned up cheese spread. That makes great sandwiches for parties. Cheese paste is one of those things that kids looked forward to every time they were invited to a party. Well, at least I did. It was something that was expected at every party along with puffs . In fact, if you happened to go to a kid's party and there was no cheese paste then It's not a party. Your your party was deemed a failure. (I may be exaggerating just because I love cheese paste) This isn't just some cheese on bread. This a spreadable cheese mix that has been fancied up and almost made to a gourmet spread.
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Curry Channa and Aloo (Potato)

A savory, curry chickpea dish with paired with potatoes. I think I have mentioned over and over that I come from a curry country. And this dish is an ever-popular staple, that is very easy to make. Curry channa (chickpeas/garbanzo peas) and aloo (potato) is a savory, earthy dish that can be used in numerous ways. It is an adaption of an Indian dish that we use as a side, as the main dish (especially for vegetarians) to be eaten with rice or roti.
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Escovitch Fish - Jamaican Style

A fried fish dish doused with a pickled sauce with vegetables. I don't eat fish often enough, but when I do I dive into some escovitch fish. This Jamaican fish dish is extremely popular and everyone has their unique twist to it. The fish is fried and then covered in a sea of vegetables that have been simmered in a spicy vinegar mix. Did I mention that it's spicy?  The added pepper gives the fish a great flavor and leaves you with a runny nose as you eat but not wanting to stop.
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Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

A creamy and flavorful alternative to the traditional hot chocolate. Are you ready to get down and dirty wit this hot chocolate alternative? I promise you that you will be definitely happy with each sip of this delightful drink. The flavors of this pumpkin hot chocolate are amazing. There is a mix of nutmeg and cinnamon and then the ever discreet flavor of the pumpkin. Even on a hot day, having a cup of this is worth it.
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Easy Coconut Bake (Roast Bake)

An easy flatbread, roasted (baked) in the oven. This week I have just been pushing out my all-time favorite comfort foods that I lived on growing up. I feel though that my list of "all-time favorites" is long. Lol. But I guess that is what happens when you are surrounded by good food. This roast bake is definitely a favorite and a popular item in West Indian food. This flatbread, commonly called roast bake, or bakes, is a coconut "bread" you should surely try.
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Trinidad Chicken Pelau

A savory one-pot meal with a combination of chicken, rice and pigeon peas. After being out for a few weeks I am officially back with one of the most popular dishes from Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, pelau is unofficially the national dish of Trinidad  (Tobago's is crab and dumpling first I feel). If you are looking for a versatile one pot meal that has rice, pigeon peas and meat then you need to grab this pelau. A flavorful meal that is extremely popular to take to beach limes, at parties, at outdoor concerts.
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