Gully Wash - A Bahamian Specialty

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A sweet Bahamian concoction that will easily transport you to a beach and some Caribbean breeze.

Gully Wash: A local Bahamian concoction made with coconut water, gin and condensed milk. #HomeMadeZagat

I am back! I went on a little birthday cruise to Key West and Mexico which just reopened my appetite for travel and food. It was such an amazing trip that reminded me why from an early age I was just a jet setter.

Though the Bahamas was not one of my stops on this trip, I was nostalgic and remembered this drink so much while away.

You know there are some things that only the locals of a place knows about? It's like a hidden secret that they don't really like to share with visitors unless they like you. Then they are ready to take you into the fold and open you up to a whole new local world. This was my experience in the Bahamas, and how I was introduced to this local drink called Gully Wash. An amazing mix of coconut water, with gin and condensed milk. A sweet, but strong creeper.

I've always loved travelling. I am willing to go everywhere once. I remember when I mentioned going to the Bahamas, everyone was very quick to mention that it was going to be just like Trinidad and Tobago. I didn't care. I wanted to be the one to experience it myself.

And they were right. With the weather the same, the people just as welcoming, and the food just as amazing. Bahamian food is mostly seafood, or that may be mostly what I was focusing on. A lot of grilled lobster, shrimp, and conch. Whereas we would rather curry or curry stew our foods using a host of other spices.

One thing that stood out for me especially, though, was this drink called gully wash. It's treacherous. In a good way.

I found out about this drink through an initiation period. After ordering my third, or fourth (possibly fifth) mojito the bartender realised I wasn't your regular tourist. I had an "Island accent". I was an "island gyul" and that alone allowed me to be inducted into the "local" class. I was instantly told to stop drinking that mojito, he had a special Bahamian drink for me. Errr.. stranger danger.

Then I see him come out to the bar with a bottle of a drink, already mixed.

Gully Wash: A local Bahamian concoction made with coconut water, gin and condensed milk. #HomeMadeZagat

Fear. But hey, I'm on vacation.

Then he explains to me that this drink is a true Bahamian beverage. They drink it all the time. Mornings, evenings, before dinner, with dinner, if you missed dinner. Anytime!!

This local specialty is a mix of gin, condensed milk and coconut water. When chilled it's just the most amazingly sweet, refreshing drink I can think of. And that gin? It is nooo joke. It's a diluted version of our Ponche de creme or more like a distant cousin.

Gully Wash: A local Bahamian concoction made with coconut water, gin and condensed milk. #HomeMadeZagat

And it's even better sitting for a few hours, where the ingredients blend together better. Slurrrp!!

If you can use fresh coconut water, with a little bit of jelly in there. Heaven. If not, it's still really good with those box coconut waters. I much prefer the plain flavored coconut waters, I'm not too sure who thought to blend those other flavors was a good idea. Meh!!.

This is a perfect drink for your girl's night over. It's quick. A few shakes and ready to go. You can even make it ahead and let it sit. It's also a great de stresser after a long day. Some gully washes and some fruit. Refreshingly treacherous.

This drink is to the Bahamas, what rum punch is to Trinidad and Tobago.

Have you ever gone somewhere and ventured off the beaten path? As someone who comes from a country that relies on tourism, know that there is a "tourist path" and a "local path". But always be safe when venturing out.

Gully Wash

by Home Made Zagat
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Keywords: beverage Caribbean
Ingredients (Serves 2)
  • 1/2 cup gin
  • 1/4 cup condensed milk
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • Couple dashes of Angostura bitters
Mix all ingredients together
Server over ice
Can also be chilled then served over ice
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