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Gully Wash - A Bahamian Specialty

A sweet Bahamian concoction that will easily transport you to a beach and some Caribbean breeze. I am back! I went on a little birthday cruise to Key West and Mexico which just reopened my appetite for travel and food. It was such an amazing trip that reminded me why from an early age I was just a jet setter. Though the Bahamas was not one of my stops on this trip, I was nostalgic and remembered this drink so much while away.
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Fried Stuffed Potato Balls

Deep fried potato balls stuffed with meat. Hey guys. My birthday was yesterday so I'm still celebrating. These poppers of potato was the ideal gift to myself to celebrate another year. Mashed potato, stuffed and fried till golden brown. The perfect way to bring in an additional year of life. A year that I am extremely grateful for. What's also amazing about today is that I bring you this post as a part of an amazing round up of potato recipes. All kinds of potatoes in numerous ways. After this, you will no longer have to go searching for a potato recipe... ever.
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Pulled Jerk Chicken Sandwich

A zesty, slow cooked chicken in a jerk marinade sandwiched in a french roll. The perfect hands off sandwich is this pulled jerk chicken sandwich. An amazing combination of sweet, savory and spicy. Just throw everything in to your slow cooker and leave it to slow cook and combine these flavors. Topped with a sweet pineapple chutney, you will definitely be licking your fingers I was not ready for this. I don't think you would be too. The burst of flavors from a bite of this one sandwich is going to make you do a dance. (I surely did). There's something about bbq sauce, laced with some spicy jerk then topped with some sweet chutney that confuses the mind and then makes you do a happy dance. And what's the best thing about this? It's done in the slow cooker.
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Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Paste

A spicy paste used to create flavorful jerk dishes Jerk is the quintessential Jamaican dish. Once you hear "jerk" anything you know it's coming from or inspired by this very popular Jamaican spice. Jerked (I laughed when I typed that) meat is amazing when eaten off an outside grill. The meat slowly turning confined in that case and the spices smoking out. I don't think anything beats eating some jerk chicken hot (no pun intended) off the grill with some bammy or coco bread. Creating that jerk sauce at home is a simple feat. And you now can with this simple recipe.
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