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JavaFly Coffee

I would like to thank Javafly for contributing this product for today's post. All opinions are my own

I decided to try this coffee during a Florida winter. What is a "Florida Winter"? It’s the time when temperatures sometimes (random days of the week) drop to the ridiculously freezing temperatures of 40 degrees, and the boots and sweaters and space heaters come out to warm us up from these icy, arctic temperatures.

After running out of my regular breakfast blend, I was psyched to finally try the Colombia Zealandia Bold.

Let me first mention that I’m a coffee snob. I own four different types of coffee brewers, each with a special, specific purpose, including my prized and true French Press. I drink my coffee black, sometimes no sugar, the more intense the better. Some cups are not typically a roast that is as strong as I would get but I was not disappointed with this coffee.

This was a nice blend of caramel but with a sweet honey taste but surprisingly still had that little bitter taste that dark roasts have.

On the other hand, the Rose Noir has a smoky taste, with a hint of chocolate and although I’m not a chocolate lover, it seems the perfect complement to the sensual tones of the brew. Instead of running out of the house with my travel cup I was tempted to sit and savor this pour as if it were a hand ground French press pour.

I especially loved the Rose Noir with a little milk. Dreamy!!

Do not sleep on this coffee it is worth trying.

Make sure and check out JavaFly: and their amazing arrays of coffees.

Tell them I sent you.

I think these will become an instant favorite in your home.

JavaFly Coffee

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