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Pigeon Peas Soup

A hearty and flavorful soup filled with pigeon peas just like granny used to make it. There are some soups that just makes you smile when you put that first spoon in your mouth. Each spoon filled with a deep, flavorful broth, and topped with dumplings, meat (optional) and a host of ground provision. And this pigeon peas soup does not miss that mark. Everything you want in a soup whether it's cold winter or not.
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Caribbean Chocolate Tea (Cocoa Tea)

A warm and delicious chocolate tea ideal for the cold months I can remember the mornings waking up and smelling tea boiling on the stove. It's a smell that really pulls at your stomach strings and lets you know that breakfast is ready. Chocolate tea was specially made on Christmas mornings at my house. It was just a kinda tea that just needed to be made on special occasions.
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Refreshing Mauby Drink

A refreshing drink made from the mauby bark with various health benefits As much as food is important in the Caribbean, drinks are running a close second. We have a collection of staple drinks like peanut punch , rum punch , hot cocoa, Guinness punch , sorrel and then there’s mauby. Mauby is a classic drink found on many a table during Sunday dinner. It's reputation is though, you like it our you HATE it.
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Jamaican Brown Stew Fish

Fried fish, simmered in a sweet and savory sauce infused with tomatoes, herbs and spices and bell peppers. If you have not had brown stew fish yet, then I suggest you grab a fish somewhere after reading this and get to cooking. Seafood is an important part of the culture of many islands obviously. Being a fisherman is a lucrative business. Not just for fish. We are users of crab , conch , lobsters. This brown stew fish though is quintessentially a Jamaican dish. One of their very popular foods. It's a fish, fried (either in whole or parts) and then simmered down in a not too sweet but a little tangy flavor making for an amazing meal.
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Easy CornMeal Porridge

A breakfast favorite made of cornmeal boiled in milk. Breakfast is usually the meal of champions. The most important meal to get you started for the day. In the Caribbean one of the most popular breakfast items is porridge. What is Porridge? Porridge is basically a grain boiled in milk or water. It can be made with numerous grains. Cornmeal is one of the popular grains used. People also use green banana and oatmeal as options.  Here's an "easy as pie" oatmeal porridge that can sustain you till lunch and is full of flavor.
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Trinidad Macaroni Pie

A cheesy and flavor filled baked pasta dish. The Caribbean version of mac and cheese Growing up there are a few dishes that you expect to eat on a Sunday in Trinidad. Macaroni pie is one of them. It is the yummiest, cheesiest pie that you would ever taste. It is the mature version of mac and cheese. 
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