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Lebanese Potato Salad

An easy side of potatoes seasoned with a citrus blend of dressing It's potluck time here since it's the holidays. My job is planning there's for Friday and I am sure other people's are spread out throughout the end of the year. This dish is a great option for a potluck. It's an easy combination of potatoes coated in a citrus blend of dressing. But can I mention that I am in total shock that the year is almost over already. Wasn't it just May last week?? Where did the year go already Anyway back to this easy side dish that is another great option and eliminates the use of mayonnaise.
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Easy Trinidad Hops Bread

Small, individual bread with a crusty outside and fluffy inside. This was your original brown bag bread.  Getting sent to buy a quart of this was the most amazing thing ever. You went into the bakery empty handed and came out with a brown bag. In this bag was piping hot bread just ready to be devoured. I know my mom sometimes made us buy extra because we just needed to eat hot hops in the car on the way home. They disappeared as easily as they came in. 
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Twice Baked Potatoes with Jerk Chicken

A new variation to an old comfort food of twice baked potatoes topped with jerk chicken Christmas dinners were not the same if we did not have twice baked potatoes. I think that was the major thing I looked forward to at that time. Diving into some re-stuffed stuffed potatoes with gooey cheese was absolute joy. I thought my mom was an angel the first time she made this for us. How did you come up with such a genius idea to make potatoes the best thing ever. Then I grew up and realized that everybody makes these potatoes... Ha! Don't you just hate when you think you're the first inventor but you're really just the late comer?? I know everyone has their own way of making their twice baked potatoes. After eating these for years, because my sister and I insisted on getting them done EVERY year, I needed to add some variety and not loose this item from our menu. What's the best option? Jerk chicken of course. And boy did this take this to another leve
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Curry Baked Chicken

A simple but flavorful chicken baked in a curry marinade My mom very nicely gifted me a recipe book when she was last here. I was so happy. This book is from one of my favorite restaurants in Tobago. Thumbing through it really made me homesick, and miss going there to experience the fresh and tasty food. I wasted no time in diving in to try the recipes. The book is from one of the co-owners of  Kariwak Village  which is a small holistic hotel, very aptly located in a tropical garden. When you walk into Kariwak it feels like you are in a different world. Calming and comfortable. I have never actually stayed at the hotel itself but have been a regular visitor to their restaurant. The hotel is owned by the Clovis', who happen to be parents of one of my high school classmates, Mykl. Her mom Cynthia, as she mentioned in the Intro of the book "realized that feeding people were important to her" and she does that amazingly well at the restaurant. If I remember well, everyt
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Easy Spicy Sauteed Asparagus

A quick, fresh recipe for sauteed asparagus. Done in less than 10 minutes. This post contains affiliate links where I can be compensated if you make a purchase. Did I tell you I was anti vegetables? Well just really green ones, If it was green and it wasn't curry then I was not interested in tasting it AT ALL. "It's good for you" wasn't enough for me to indulge. I remember as a kid my mom would have to wrap meat in lettuce leaves for me to eat lettuce. I had no problems grabbing a carrot from the fridge and chomping down but once it's green, I'm running for the hills. So asparagus was a major step for me to add to my menu. But once I did there was no turning back. It is extremely easy to prepare. There is no peeling, no difficulty cutting (want to see me with a pumpkin earlier this week? The pumpkin won). There's no oven to light and no long waiting period to get it done. The ingredients list is extremely short. Majority of these item
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