Gourmet Gifter: The Gift you need to be giving

August 10, 2015
*I was sent a sample of goodies to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own. There are affiliate links in this post where if you do click and make a purchase I will get a small stipend.* 

You know on Tuesdays I take a little break from cooking to highlight something or someone food-related. Well today I'm introducing you to a company that has the sweetest gifts to be gifting and gifting over and over. Welcome to Gourmet Gifter... the place to satisfy the sweet tooth.

I was extremely surprised when I saw our delivery guy coming towards me with what looked like a shipping crate. I could not remember what I ordered that would have to be in this box but was pleasantly surprised when I grabbed it and saw it was my delivery from Gourmet Gifter.

Gourmet gifter provides you with the option to gift (family, friends or even yourself) with gourmet snacks. They offer options that vary from chocolate and sweets, gourmet snacks and healthy living. My sample box gave me an option from all three of their categories.

My box contained:

I decided to dive into my cheese puffs first. My sister and I killed these as kids. There was no way a pack used to last when it opened. I was excited to dive in. And hello, these are good. I was concerned about the chilli flavor.

But it was a nice kick to these cheese puffs that I just keep on taking a little grab of some any time I pass by. This would be great for a party snack. Gourmet gifter sells this snack for $3.50 for 3.5 oz. bag

Another thing I just had to get my teeth into was the peanut brittle. The teeth killer, but so worth it. So so worth it. I loved that there was a nice balance between candy and peanuts. And I didn't have to spend too much time taking candy out of my teeth like I usually have to do with other peanut brittles. 

This goodness sells for $8 for 1/2 lb. bag

So I have 2 more things to try over the next week so make sure you are following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for my reviews of those.

These boxes would be great presents for any occasions: graduation, birthdays, housewarmings, or any "you are special" occasion. I also think they would work especially great for corporation gift boxes. 

Gourmet Gifter also has an awesome deal running for the month of August for first timers to their shop. Order $30 dollars worth of products and get the kettle corn trio for free

So head on over to Gourmet Gifter and try something and let me know what you think while I munch on some more peanut brittle!!

Renz HomeMadeZagat
Renz HomeMadeZagat

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