Bon Appétit Artisan Pizza

August 4, 2015
*Disclosure - I was provided this product from BzzAgent to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine.*

It's Tuesday again, the day I feature something that is food related and is not a recipe. My first Tuesday post I highlighted the up and coming Khiah of Gotta Have Khiah, today I am featuring a new addition to my kitchen Bon Appétit Artisan Frozen Pizza.

Let's be honest sometimes the time to fix a meal is short or non-existent. Sometimes you are just too tired to stand in the kitchen for a long period but you would still like a meal that is tasty and satisfying. On a few occasions, I have tried having some frozen pizzas on hand so that I can grab and go or relax then eat.. but they haven't always worked out that well.

The option to try Bon Appétit's pizza was welcoming, but I was cautious. Fresh pizza taste? Thin crust? Frozen pizza? Not sure how this was going to be any different from the others I ended up not eating all of it, but I was ready to give this mozzarella & pesto pizza a chance.

This artisan pizza has a thin crust so you are able to get the full taste of the ingredients, which I like. Since it's thin crust I always feel like wine is much better for this type of pizza versus a deep dish that needs more like a beer.

I greatly appreciated that the ingredients were evenly spread on the pizza so every bite was equally tasty.

This pizza was really good. If I didn't know better I would easily think I made this fresh at home with pesto and tomatoes I made and sliced myself. 

I know sometimes we pair pizza with salads. I never really ever do that. What kind of salad goes well with pizza? Let me know if the comments so that I can try. I feel like pizza doesn't need anything else other than a drink and a napkin. Ha!!

The next time you are looking for things to store for quick meals, I do suggest grabbing a Bon Appetit Thin Crust Artisan Pizza. You won't regret it. And it warms up good the next day in case you have leftovers.

Renz HomeMadeZagat
Renz HomeMadeZagat

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  1. I've never tried their pizza before. Looks yummy! I'm going to have to pick some up. :)

  2. Looks pretty good - I'll have to try them sometime.