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Kung Pao ChickPeas

Are you ready to take a Chinese favorite and turn it into a vegetarian alternative? This Kung Pao chick peas meal is an amazing alternative to this spicy dish with a mixture of chickpeas, peanuts, and chili paste. You will not miss having meat.
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Citrus Rum Cake

We are starting the week off with dessert! I can't think of anything else worth turning the week upside-down other than this decadent rum infused citrus cake that is perfect for any gathering
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Delicious Curry Chicken - Trinidad Style

Delicious chicken cooked in curry infused with various spices. Great dinner option. Today I bring to you another staple dish from of the Caribbean. Delicious curry chicken. I am addicted to curry. I would eat curry something every day if given the chance. I'm often referred to as a curry mouth. Like our stewed chicken , curry chicken is another dish that you just must know how to make once you are from the Caribbean. Methods vary from island to island on how this is cooked (later I will show you the Jamaican process), but today we are going to walk through the process of creating this mouth watering dish, Trinidad and Tobago style.
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Gourmet Gifter: The Gift you need to be giving

*I was sent a sample of goodies to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own. There are affiliate links in this post where if you do click and make a purchase I will get a small stipend.*  You know on Tuesdays I take a little break from cooking to highlight something or someone food-related. Well today I'm introducing you to a company that has the sweetest gifts to be gifting and gifting over and over. Welcome to Gourmet Gifter... the place to satisfy the sweet tooth.
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How to Roast a Whole Fish

I don't remember us roasting fish too much while I was growing up. My mom usually curried king fish steaks or fried fish for us. It wasn't until I got to Florida that I became attached to eating roast fish from my Jamaican friends. And I became addicted. I don't really like to eat fish any other way now and when I do there is no sharing with anyone. It's unfair to share.
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Bon Appétit Artisan Pizza

*Disclosure - I was provided this product from BzzAgent to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine.* It's Tuesday again, the day I feature something that is food related and is not a recipe. My first Tuesday post I highlighted the up and coming Khiah of Gotta Have Khiah, today I am featuring a new addition to my kitchen  Bon Appétit Artisan Frozen Pizza.