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Easy Bread Pudding with Amaretto Rum Sauce

It's the weekend, guys!! And we are going to be celebrating with a dish that is worth the celebration. It's time to indulge!! It's bread pudding time. Who could imagine that you would be able to take plain old bread and make it into this delectable dessert of amazingness!!
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Basic Trinidad Stewed Chicken

There are some dishes that you learn to cook because they are the staple meals in your household. Stew[ed] chicken is one of those dishes. If there is one think you need to know to cook if you are from Trinidad and Tobago, is how to stew meat. You don't want to know how many times I've heard people say "I hope you can at least stew chicken".
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Baked Spicy Cheese Balls

It's Friday and Friday calls for snacks.  These delectable baked cheese balls of goodness are great for gettogethers or just to have on hand at home to snack on. They are a great combination of cheesy and spicy.
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Summer Fruit Salsa

One thing I love about summer is the abundance of fruits that we have available. Fresh sweet fruits that can be utilized in so many ways. I especially love having salsa using fruits. I can't remember the first time I tried this salsa with fruit, but I know since then I have done numerous combinations. So today's recipe is a great summer salsa
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Baigan Choka (Roasted Eggplant) on Toasted Bruschetta

And I'm back!! What a week it has been, but I am here ready to give you another great recipe. This dish is another vegetarian option that I love even though I am not vegetarian. It's full of flavor and you surely do not miss having meat in your plate. This baigan choka is a keeper.
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Caribbean Peanut Punch

The ultimate drink  packed with total peanut butter flavor. The perfect replenisher. Every time I think about making peanut punch, I have visions of my Dad sitting at the dinner table with his glass full of punch. Sipping and swirling. When you get some of this drink you would understand why he was in heaven while slurping this down. It is a frothy, creamy drink with a bunch of peanut butter. For us, it was the ultimate drink after playing in the hot sun all day. Peanut punch is good for you too and it is a great supplement for the body

Spicy Tuna Salad and my new toy

It has been so hot here in Florida already that turning the stove on is blasphemous. I have no desire to stand over a stove with any heat. So my tuna salad was a good option for dinner. Tuna salad is extremely easy to make and you do not have to be stuck eating it just one way.
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