Changes are coming

9:36 PM

Photo credit: One Way Stock / Source / CC BY-ND 

I am officially announcing that there will be some changes here on the blog. I started this blog a few years back just to document my food journey in the kitchen for myself. In fact, I had the page private most of the time. In the last year I decided to put a lot more effort into it and it has started to grow.

And so with growth, some adjustments have to be made. Over the next week you will first see some drastic adjustments and then little tweaks will continue to happen. Please bear with me.

I would like to take this moment also to thank you all for coming on this journey with me. It is much appreciated the visits, and the comments.

Since there is no food today you can take the time to follow me on various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & Pinterest. You can also sign up for my updates in the box on the right to be automatically updated.

And I will leave you with some of the recipes I've loved making over the past year

Renz HomeMadeZagat
Renz HomeMadeZagat

Hi guys, I’m Renz. I am the chief cook and bottle washer here at HomeMadeZagat. I am here sharing Caribbean recipes that I grew up eating and new ones I’ve fallen in love with over the years. I just want to showcase the amazing diversity of Caribbean food and that everyone can recreate these dishes.