Smoked Paprika chicken & Sweet smoked paprika Wedges by Kiva Health

11.3.15 | Recipe by Renz
When I was given the opportunity to try KivaHealth's Hot & Sweet Smoked paprika I know I had to do more than the normal things I do with my paprika. I normally just used Paprika to add some depth to my sauces, but after reading about this product I know I need to try something more.

KivaHealth is a company geared at offering innovative food from around the world that is healthy and of the highest quality. They ensure that their products are sourced directly from local farmers who are eco-friendly. This NON-GMO company focuses on quality and sustainable farming/

The company sent me two powders and I decided to make a meal incorporating them both in two different dishes. The powders were strong and very flavorful straight out of the bottle. I was a bit concerned that it may be too strong just tasting but was very impressed with it when it was cooked.

I decided to grab two recipes from the interweb. One was from Aida MollenKamp and the other quick recipe from my fav Jaime Oliver.

Hot Smoked Paprika

Having "washed" the chicken with the paprika it brazed nicely in the pot, giving it an amazing smoked flavor not only to the chicken but also to the gravy that was made as a result of it.

I did not have to use much more salt or seasoning as the paprika powder really does give you a lot of flavoring. I used low sodium broth. The paprika was enough.

Sweet Smoked Paprika

The winner for me was the second part of this meal: the wedges. After tasting the chicken I was worried that the paprika may be too strong on the potatoes. I used an Idaho potato and a sweet potato. Boy was I wrong. The sweet paprika really brought out the flavors of the potatoes during the bake. I really really enjoyed the sweet potato especially.

I really recommend this powders. I am extremely encouraged by them based on their performance in the kitchen but also because of the fact that they are promoting sustainability, supporting local farmers and are Non GMO.

If you are interested in trying these Kiva Health Paprika powders you can head on over to amazon. If you are a prime member the set of two costs $10.00.

I am excited to try any other recipes that involves using paprika in a different way. Have you used paprika in your meals for more than just seasoning? If you have any recipes, please please share


  1. I like paprika and these chicken and wedges sound delicious :-)

    1. It was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised.

      Thanks for passing by!!


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