To Hop or Not: The Kitchen Hop Brickell

January 23, 2015

I have been getting a barrage of emails from friends that want me to go to the Kitchen Hop that is coming up soon in Brickell. As much as I love the idea of crawling for food, my last kitchen Hop experience left a very bad taste in my mouth. Pun intended

The Kitchen Hop is exactly what it says it is. You purchase a ticket $35 but there was a deal online for $18, for an event that allows you to "hop" from one location to the next. This is a great way to be able to sample food from restaurants you may want to try but don't really want to take the chance of going to and the menu fails and for restaurants to try to get new clientele. It's a great idea... in your head

The restaurants included in my Hop were:

Seasons 52
Cibo Wine Bar
Bulla gastrobar
Morton's Steakhouse
Red Koi
Fritz & Franz Bierhaus
Pincho Factory
Azucar Cuban Cuisine

There was a check in time to get bands so that the restaurants could separate you from their regular customers. We checked in with ease and headed out with our map to find our first restaurant. Please dress for walking. Not that the places are too far from each other but it does stretch a decent way across Brickell. So be comfortable. IF you are familiar with Brickell it would be an ease but if this would be your first time trekking around there you may get lost a little. 

You are offered a small plate from each establishment. Some of them offer discount drinks. 

Kitchen Hop Pincho Factory
Sample from Pincho Factory
For the most part restaurants staff were very pleasant. They expected the crowds and most had a designated area where they would direct participants of the hop to go to for their samples.

Sample from Fritz & Franz Bierhaus
It became hectic when the crowd grew. The lines into places became very very very long and the disorganization started At Season's 52 we all were huddled around the bar. Eventually everyone was attempting to huddle around the kitchen door in an attempt to get food. That means that food was not getting past the first 5 people. And when it did it sometimes went to the same people who got served previously. 

The Kitchen Hop Brickell
Sample from Season's 52
In fact after 45 minutes wait at Season's 52 and only one sample for the five of us we opted to go to the next restaurant. By that time word of "no more samples" was spreading and everyone was trying to make a mad dash to a few places. It was already too late.

We did not even bother to go to the "after party" as we were all truly annoyed at that time.

The Kitchen Hop Brickell

My Hop winners were Pincho Factory and Red Koi. Food was great. Red Koi's drinks are amazing!!!

We didn't expect for there to be quick service. We didn't expect for there to be free drinks. We did expect for there to be samples for everyone at the restaurants. I would assume that the organizers would know the approximate number of tickets sold so that they would provide the restaurants with numbers. We at least would have liked someone from the Promoters to offer some kind of acknowledgment about the lack of food at venues. A sorry would have been GREAT!!

So now that my friends are eager to go to this year's first Hop, I am not. In fact none of the friends that attended with me the first time even want me to bring the words up.

But don't let my experience be your experience. This year's first HOP takes place on Jan 24th from 2.30pm. You still have time (ticket discount expires Friday) to get discounted tickets for the Hop by going here. You can also get additional information by checking out their official webpage The Kitchen Hop.

If you go please let me know what your experience was like? I just may try again and see how it goes!!

Renz HomeMadeZagat
Renz HomeMadeZagat

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