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Bru Joy's Kitchen Gadgets Review

As I have mentioned before in my post 5 Must Get Kitchen Gadgets , I am a big fan of gadgets. They may things so much easier. So receiving a garlic press and a julienne peeler was a great opportunity for me. I love cooking with garlic. I use it all the time, crushed especially, to give my oil some flavor before I add things to it. Without a garlic press I either have to but a bottle of already crushed garlic in some oil that is full or preserves or try to crush it myself. Most times my "self-crush" turns into some pieces getting burnt after I slice it up and leaving a taste that I do not want in my food. Having a press is a great addition Bru Joy's press is ergonomic making it especially easy for people like me (with a soft grip) to press garlic quickly and easily. All you have to do is pop in a fresh garlic clove into the chamber and press and you have minced garlic. No hassle. It came in extremely handy when I made my Rasta Pasta last week.

How to Make Rasta Pasta

A creamy jerk pasta dish with just enough spice and cheesiness to keep you coming for more. Have you even seen my first Rasta Pasta recipe? I probably should not be sending you over there. The pics are embarrassing. But I guess it shows my growth with my picture taking and blogging on the whole. Old Rasta Pasta Pic This recipe continues to be the most searched recipe on the blog. I remember randomly posting this recipe a few years back just making a note of something I made. Now I'm here providing recipes to other people. I never then thought that I would eventually be sharing recipes continuously and to an audience. This dish has become quite a staple in my family's rotation. I can probably make this now with my eyes closed. As a result, I have been able to make some adjustments that I think I should share. It continues to be heavily searched and it's only fair I throw in a few tidbits for you. You can also switch this out with any meat y

The Liebster Award

Sometimes I wonder if this blogging thing is working out. Especially since the past two weeks I have been swamped with work, and grad school isn't allowing me any relaxation either, so I sometimes feel like my blog isn't getting as much attention as I should give to it. And as a result I am extremely tired. But then the beautiful ladies over at Imported Bubbly pass by and they nominate me for a Liebster Award. I thank them very much for nominating me. What's a Liebster Award you ask? It's an award given to bloggers from bloggers to show that even though their following is not large that people are interested in what they are posting. So here goes. (I've used the questions they they answered for their award) 1. What is the one thing that makes you smile the most? My stalker.. AKA Spot. I can not be angry at him for very long.

FoodTruck Pile Up @ Plantation Park

Have you ever been to a Food Truck Pile Up? If no then you are surely missing out. I went to my first pile up about 3 years back and I wasn't ever the same. If you don't know "food truck pile ups" are basically a group of food trucks meeting up at a designated time for a period of time.The trucks can range from american, to italian, to cupcakes to ice cream treats. And this one was no different

5 "Must Get" Kitchen Gadgets

I am a lover of gadgets. I usually get bored of them after a few uses but I am always excited to get new ones. They are a few that I have had my eye on and are on my "Must Get" list that I am sure would make my cooking experience much better. These are not necessarily the most important kitchen tools to have but I see them as surely somethings that will make my cooking experience better.

Bru Joy & Ultimate Caribbean Rum Punch

I had a friend coming over that I have not seen for a long time and I decided that I needed to make us a little drink for this South Florida heat. What's the best drink for friends to sip on while catching up? Some Caribbean rum punch. Rum punch is a "go-to" drink for Islanders. It's quick, easy and it includes rum. What else do you need?
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