Snack time & Polmedia LLC

July 30, 2014
I have totally forgotten how to properly manage my time. Either there is not enough time in the days anymore or I have too much things to accomplish. With work and my crazy schedule, trying to do homework and blogging everything has been in a frenzy.

That includes my eating. I always have dinner, but sometimes it's at some very late hours. I finish work at 10pm, sometimes I do not eat until I am finished working which is horrible. Sometimes I eat earlier and then eat random snacks as I continue to work.

I tried to implement some better options to my snack list. FRUITS!! As much as I love eating my cookies, and cake, I do love fruits. It's summer in south Florida so there is a lot of options.

I was sent a tea plate by Polmedia LLC and fortunately for me it is the ideal size to hold my little bites of this and that on.

And did I mention that it is gooorgeous?!

Polmedia LLC

Polmedia Polish Pottery and Stoneware (Polmedia LLC) is the biggest polish pottery outlet in the world. They sell a plethora of  stoneware products both retail and wholesale. All their products are handcrafted and as such they may be variations to colors and patterns. Their prices also are very great.. and they have a SALE!!

Polmedia LLC

These products can be freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe under normal circumstances. I put mine in the freezer over night but I don't think I would want to take the chance and put it in my dishwasher. It is not lightweight but still I look at it as being delicate.

It came to be well packaged. Wrapped sufficiently in bubble wrap and packaged neatly in the box so there is no worry about breakage while shipping.

Polmedia LLC

It's a perfect plate to hold my snacks. A few strawberries, some frozen blueberries and cheese. No more eating out of a chips bag for me.

Head over to Polmedia LLC and check out all their beautiful pottery products. These are great for dinner parties or the large plates can even be used as decorations in your house. Their unique designs will surely add some life to your table of your wall.

Renz HomeMadeZagat
Renz HomeMadeZagat

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