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Snack time & Polmedia LLC

I have totally forgotten how to properly manage my time. Either there is not enough time in the days anymore or I have too much things to accomplish. With work and my crazy schedule, trying to do homework and blogging everything has been in a frenzy. That includes my eating. I always have dinner, but sometimes it's at some very late hours. I finish work at 10pm, sometimes I do not eat until I am finished working which is horrible. Sometimes I eat earlier and then eat random snacks as I continue to work. I tried to implement some better options to my snack list. FRUITS!! As much as I love eating my cookies, and cake, I do love fruits. It's summer in south Florida so there is a lot of options. I was sent a tea plate by Polmedia LLC and fortunately for me it is the ideal size to hold my little bites of this and that on. And did I mention that it is gooorgeous?!
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Take me to Miami Spice

Miami Spice is fast approaching. If you are a foodie and especially living in Miami, it is the number one summer activity you must not miss. Miami Spice is any food lovers dream. It's a promotional time were participating restaurants showcase the best of Miami cuisine. Most restaurants offer a three course meal of their featured dishes at a reduced price. Lunch is at $23 and Dinner is at $39. This period is the time that I am able to be Taste Tester Supreme and have the opportunity to sample new food and venture into new restaurants. This concept is a brilliant idea. It was initially introduced to help boost activities at restaurants during the summer time. It had such a great reception that even some of the big wigs decided to become a part of this feast treat Prior to the start of the "season" there is a Kickoff event dubbed Iron Fork where you would be able to get a preview of what the participating restaurants have to offer. There is also going to be a
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Recipe: One Pot Pasta

I have been wanting to try this for the longest time. I LOVE pasta of any form. LOVE. So after hearing and see a few pictures of people doing various one pot pastas I said I had to see what this was really about. I was concerned about things becoming soggy, or the pasta not cooking in the process, but it went very smoothly. I actually did a copy of a recipe for One Pot Pasta that I found on The Londoner's page. She actually got it from Martha Stewart and did some tweaking. I used what I had on hand in places that I may not have had exactly what she had listed. This dish does not require much. It's the quintessential one pot. And it is quick and tasty. Please note I did some "eyeballing" here, as usual.
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The Pantry MUST HAVE List

I think I need a stunt double. It has been extremely hectic for me for the past two weeks. Between work, grad school and trying to get some other projects off the ground I have been struggling to properly manage my time in ALL areas. This also includes making sure that my kitchen is stocked. I always like to ensure that my kitchen has things because I have this habit of wanting to make stuff at odd hours of the night and that means I can't always run out to the store to get an ingredient that may be missing. Pantry Items