Summer is here... and we have Watermelons

27.5.14 | Recipe by Renz
I have become obsessed with watermelons. And with the heat that South Florida is already getting I think watermelons are going to be the saving grace. My aunt gave me a ginormous watermelon the other day and I kept wondering what else could I do with this watermelon other than just slobber it down. So I headed to my fav place ever to get a few ideas. So far I have only tried one thing that was amazing and refreshing but I will also list a few other pins I saw that I will surely be doing for the summer.

The benefits of watermelon is high. Now that I am becoming more conscious of what I eat I am researching more on the things that go into my body. Watermelons are refreshing we know. Most people think it just provides just water and sugar but it also is densely rich in other nutrients: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium, choline and a few others. So water and sugar it is not. It is made up of 92% water though.

I had a watermelon coolata from Dunkin Donuts and that gave me the idea of trying to make my own at home. So with a good few chunks of watermelon (the more the better) I used about 2 cups of watermelon chunks with no seeds, juice from a lime, and some ice, and blend. It was soooo good.

I also took some chunks (2 cups) of watermelon and blended it to mush. I then strained it and filled a glass 1/4 way with seltzer and then filled with the blended watermelon. Voila...watermelon spritz!! Another win

And then I went to Pinterest and started pinning many "to do" options

And my really want to try to see how it works out

Do you have any watermelon ideas? Recipes? I'm willing to try...