Restaurant Review: GG's Waterfront Bar and Grill

May 4, 2014
Pic Courtesy GGs Waterfront Bar and Grill
It was my friend's birthday and she was extremely excited to go to GG's Waterfront to ring it in. I have never been, in fact I had never heard about the place before she mentioned it. Being the stalker that I am, I headed to Yelp and Urbanspoon to get some reviews on this establishment. Most of the reviews were positive so I as excited.

GG's Waterfront is a Seafood, Modern American Steak house. They offer lunch and dinner and is priced in the $$ with the average meal being around $30. It is an inside/outside venue (waterfront seating) that has valet parking only. The ambiance looks midscale (versus upscale) but offers casual dress options. We got there at about 930 on a Saturday night the place was not packed. We had made reservations previously, but even without them we would not have had to wait.

Mango Mojitos
We started off immediately with some mango mojitos. These things are really good. No premade, fake mint mixture here at all. You taste the mango, the mint and the liqueur.

Our server was very friendly. He ran through the list of specials for us and made amazing suggestions on our orders.

Pow Pow Shrimp
For starters we did the Pow Pow shrimp that my friend insisted we must have before we even got there. Have you ever been to Bonefish Grill and have their bang bang shrimp? Well this is the older, more mature sister of this meal. It's the same dish but somehow GG's has been able to make theirs taste be about 4 levels above Bonefish. The shrimp batter is not too much to cover the taste of the shrimp and the sweet chili mixed sauce on it is also not too overpowering. She mentioned to me before we started eating that it was spicy (I do not do spicy) but I definitely do not think that it is.

Then it was on to our entrees. There is a mixture of seafood, steak and american dishes on the menu. There is a full Raw Bar which  I decided to delve in and we also got some salmon.

Maple Glazed Salmon
The salmon was baked and almond crusted and served on a bed of basmati and wild rice with some seasonal vegetables. The salmon was great. Well cooked and the almond added a nice extra flavor to the meal. I did not like the sweet reduction used to garnish the plate though.

Florida Stone Crab
Stone crabs is as stone crabs are. It is almost the last week before it's gone so I decided to enjoy them as I could. There was a bit of drama while eating them which included some flying shells, but that's all in the experience of stone crabs.

As I mentioned before our server was very friendly, as too was the hostess and valet guys. We never felt rushed to order or to even leave when we were done, and it was close to closing time. The atmosphere and ambiance was great and is great for romantic dinners, friends meeting up. The venue is also used quite a lot for wedding receptions. The most important part of this was the food being really good.

GG's, you get 5 out of 5 stars from me.

GG's Waterfront Bar and Grill
606 N Ocean Dr  
Hollywood, FL 33019

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