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Influenster: GoVoxBox Reveal

Fortunately for me I was granted another VoxBox by Influenster and I think this has been the best box for me so far. I am a bit stuck between being a almost beauty product junkie and being a sporty person. This box seems to have catered for me.  This box was titled the  GoVoxBox  and was geared towards persons who are always on the GO! It came with 6 product brands. 
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Summer is here... and we have Watermelons

I have become obsessed with watermelons. And with the heat that South Florida is already getting I think watermelons are going to be the saving grace. My aunt gave me a ginormous watermelon the other day and I kept wondering what else could I do with this watermelon other than just slobber it down. So I headed to my fav place ever to get a few ideas. So far I have only tried one thing that was amazing and refreshing but I will also list a few other pins I saw that I will surely be doing for the summer. The benefits of watermelon is high. Now that I am becoming more conscious of what I eat I am researching more on the things that go into my body. Watermelons are refreshing we know. Most people think it just provides just water and sugar but it also is densely rich in other nutrients: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium, choline and a few others. So water and sugar it is not. It is made up of 92% water though.
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Sweet and Sour Chicken

I am a lover of Asian food, Asian inspired food. Well just food in general.  Lol. So after a few back and forths of what I really would wanted to eat, I opted to do some sweet and sour chicken. I am not a fan of frying. In fact ask me to install a roof during the hottest day of the year before you ask me to fry something. I can never get it right. Outside burnt, inside raw is usually the end result of me frying anything. Sorry, I can write code for a computer and come up with a recovery plan for a failed system but DO NOT ASK ME TO FRY anything. So I was very happy to find a recipe for sweet and sour that was mostly oven baked. Chicken prior to going into the oven After searching further I realized there was no way to get away from that dreaded oil. This recipe still calls for frying but it is not a deep fry where you are extremely concerned about ensuring that a thick piece of meat is cooked through. I found this recipe from the Southern Coupon Junkies blog . This c