Recipe: No Fry Chicken Wings

April 24, 2014
After a long night at work, I was starving and very lazy but hunger was more important and I decided I wanted to quickly fix some wings I had wings but I also did not want to fry anything at 12am. After searching on pinterest I found a recipe that looked great and didn't require much work.

And these bad boys happened.

These wings were baked, not fried and quickly became the "Can't wait for sides" wings as they were done before I could finish making macaroni salad and really didn't need it anymore. They were gooood!!!

This simple recipe I found from Ice over at FoolProofLiving. She, in her wisdom, figured out that using baking powder can get wings to that crispy fried consistency when baked. Heaven!!!!

I had to adjust the recipe a bit because I had way less wings than she used. I had 4 large wings that I cut into halves. I soaked them out in some water, vinegar and chilli powder (I add chilli powder to everything for no reason). After about 10 mins I pat dry the wings as dry as possible and added them to a bowl. In the bowl I sprinkled a tablespoon of baking powder (I think I would use 3/4 next time with the amount of wings I had) and a few shakes of salt. (Not too much). I then ensured that the wings were properly coated in this "mixture". Oven at 250 degrees, I baked for 30 mins on the low rack. Then upped to 450 on a higher rack for 45 mins. When that was done I took them out and cooled for about 5 mins and tossed in a bowl of sweet baby ray's BBQ sauce and some honey. You can use whatever sauce you like.

And it was AMAZING!!!

If you would like to have a more comprehensive recipe with exact measurements instead of my eyeballing that I did for this then please head on over to Ice's website and check out her wings and her beautiful pics: Oven Baked Chicken Wings


Renz HomeMadeZagat
Renz HomeMadeZagat

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