Product Review: Nuero Sleep - Sweet Dreams (Mellow Mango)

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I became obsessed with Nuero drinks after seeing them in the supermarket. I should say I was obsessed with the bottle. I stalked them for about a week. Always looking at the bottle but never trying them. The bottle shape really interested me, but I am not much of a water fan and felt that it was probably just another water on the market.

Nuero is a line of drinks created by Diana Jenkins. With the line she hoped to create a line of drinks that works with the neuropathy of the mind and that can be used to change the whole body. There are seven drinks in the line: NeuroSun, NeuroPassion, NeruoSonic, NeuroSleep, NeuroBliss, NeuroTrim and NeuroSport. All claiming to have do different things.

Fortunately my stalking worked out and I was given the opportunity to try one of Neuro's products: Neuro Sleep. Sleep is a sleep aid that has melatonin (hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles), L-theanine (amino acid found in green tea), magnesium and 5-HTP. It is suggested that you use a little before bed time and boasts that you will fall asleep quicker and have a continuous sleep which would allow your body for fully recuperate. Neuro sleep has 35 calories and no artificial flavors or colors.

First it took me a little while to get the bottle open. It was closed preeeettttyyy tight and I had to have a little fight with it before it finally gave. I could just be extremely weak. But I usually don't have any problems opening any jars. The taste of the drink is good. It is a light fruity taste that is very pleasant. As I mentioned before there is melatonin in it. This would put you right to sleep. I had half of the full bottle and was asleep in  no time and I slept right through the night and was up full of energy the next morning. Sometimes I take TylenolPM and Zzzquil for those moments I am struggling to sleep. Usually when I do take those, the next morning I am still feeling very drugged. With this drink I was not. I got up did some yoga and was ready to do all my errands. I really felt rested and revived. The only weird thing I felt with this drink is some warmth in my stomach after I drank it. It did not last long.

I would use this drink again. It retails for $2.00 and can be found at most groceries and I also saw it at Home Depot. I surely want to try the others, especially Passion and Sonic.

If you would like to try Neuro Sleep, check this link out:

Have you tried Neuro? What is your personal favourite?

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