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Restaurant Review: Shooters Waterfront Cafe

Initially I had all intentions of heading to TGIFridays for dinner and drinks last night, but headed east on Commercial instead and after some milling and searching I did a blind pick and chose to go try Shooters Waterfront Cafe. I have had no previous experience or much word of mouth advice on this establishment, so I was excited and a bit worried. On entry, at 9pm, it was not a full house. The location was clean, nicely lit with light music playing. The hostess was very pleasant and dealt nicely with the indecisiveness of us trying to decide to sit outside and deal with the wind and the cold on the water or stay inside.
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Product Review: Nuero Sleep - Sweet Dreams (Mellow Mango)

I became obsessed with Nuero drinks after seeing them in the supermarket. I should say I was obsessed with the bottle. I stalked them for about a week. Always looking at the bottle but never trying them. The bottle shape really interested me, but I am not much of a water fan and felt that it was probably just another water on the market.
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Recipe: Banana Coconut Bread

I love bananas, and after finding two in my fruit bowl that were very soft I decided to mix up something very quick. Banana bread is one of the easiest things to make. I also had ends of a trail mix that contained dried cranberries and cashews, I had some flaked coconut in my fridge that also needed to be used. I decided to add them all in. So I made a banana coconut bread that my friends loved. 
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