Restaurant Review - Cheddar's Casual Cafe

8.1.14 | Recipe by Renz
I drive by Cheddar's a lot considering it is close to my house. The parking lot is always full so I was very excited to that we decided to go there for dinner one night. With that crowd, the food has to be great.

We walked in to a little crowd at the hostess desk but after a few stares from I think the manager, the hostess decided to get to get two menus and lead us to our seats. She wasn't rude, but she sure wasn't friendly.

As we sat and started looking at the menus, I had to pull my phone out for some additional light. I decided to start with a cocktail. I had a Mudslide Martini. It was great!!!

Then again with assisted lighting from my phone we decided to order our entrees. We got the Chicken and Waffles and Fish Tacos. We were served about 10 minutes after with out dinner

I was very excited when I saw the chicken and waffles, but was a bit disappointed when I saw the fish tacos. I LOVE tacos and something about this just didn't look like I was going to enjoy it. But how can you go wrong with a fish taco right? So I dived in... and was disappointed.

First the mashed potatoes were very salty. Then the tacos.. I am not even sure what to say. At one point I thought it was not cooked. There was a lot of things on there, corn lettuce but it still seemed flavorless to me. The "sauce" on the side I was not too sure what it was, but did not add in anyway to the dish. I barely ate these.

The chicken and waffles was not amazing but ended up being the one meal we finished. The waffle was really good and the syrup. The chicken again was too salty and the batter seemed under cooked at some parts.

So in all the food was not amazing. It's a regular place with regular food that didn't even taste that regular to me. The servers were very pleasant (minus the hostess) but the lighting is not that great. The atmosphere was welcoming and there was not that much noise at all while we were there.

Would I go back there? More than likely not. I would rather go to Friday's or Denny's.

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