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Restaurant Review: Thai Spice

On Friday night I went to Thai Spice. It was my turn to choose for date night...and I was in the mood for Thai...but  didn't  want to go too far from my house. After my meals, I usually want to sleep – don’t judge me. So I asked my foodie sister to recommend some places. She did, but in the end decided to try a place that came highly recommend on Yelp - Thai Spice. Because it was Friday I called and made reservations for 8 to make sure that we  wouldn't  have to deal with the Friday rush. We got there a little early...7:45 to be exact, but figured we would just sit at the bar until it was time to eat. As it happened though, they seated us immediately...a two seater in the hallway. The place is decorated well, dark, with reds and booths, lighting is very dark and dramatic. We found out later that the space is quite small, but they used mirrors at the end of the rooms to make it appear larger. Don’t expect bright light in here. The tables were lit with candles...we actually
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