Recipe: Best Lasagna Ever!!!

So I had been feening for lasagna for the past few weekends. So I decided this weekend would be the it since we would be busy on Sunday and that was a one pot. I usually make my own lasagna but decided to do a little search online to see what I can do differently. I ran into Pioneer Woman's "Best lasagna ever" and gave it a side eye. Did she taste myy lasagna? Lol

I decided that this would be my try for lunch on Sunday with a few additions and adjustments for the amounts.

For my family I halved her recipe for everything but the meat. And I used ground chicken.

I added sweet peppers to my meat mix.

I was a bit worried about the cream cheese, but the taste is not over powering at all.

My stacked lasagna not yet baked

My baked lasagna (taken with my Iphone). I covered mine with foil (after spraying the foil with pam to avoid sticking)

And it was a good lasagna. You really hardly tasted the cream cheese. My sweet peppers still had some crunch to it. Yum. It really is some good lasagna.

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