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Restaurant Review - Fins & Things

Our neighbor suggested we try out this at the time, new Caribbean restaurant he had tried on University. Being the foodie I am, I decided to drag the HH to try this "new" restaurant. Fins & Things is a restaurant and lounge that caters to Caribbean (more Jamaican) foodies. Patrons have the option of dining in, hanging at the full stocked bar or taking food out. The first time we dined in. There wasn't a lot of people there at the time so we were a bit skeptical. We ordered the brown stew lobster and escovich fish. The brown stew lobster was amazing. You actually get a whole lobster that they have repacked after stewing. The brown stew itself was also really good. It surely tasted different from other "brown stew" gravies that you get with regular lunches at other restaurants It came accompanied with white rice.
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Recipe: Best Lasagna Ever!!!

So I had been feening for lasagna for the past few weekends. So I decided this weekend would be the it since we would be busy on Sunday and that was a one pot. I usually make my own lasagna but decided to do a little search online to see what I can do differently. I ran into Pioneer Woman's " Best lasagna ever " and gave it a side eye. Did she taste myy lasagna? Lol I decided that this would be my try for lunch on Sunday with a few additions and adjustments for the amounts.
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