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Recipe: Seared Asparagus with feta cheese and chicken wrap

Today I had a good lunch. I was recently diagnosed as being anemic and need to add a little more iron based foods to my diet. I am not a big fan of asparagus but everyone insisted I needed to give it a try. Yesterday while I was in the grocery I saw some and decided I will try this for lunch. I have never cooked this before. In fact if I say I had 4 sprigs of this vege ever I would probably be exaggerating. So this mission was a big one.
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Restaurant Review - El Fogon in Miramar

If you love Peruvian food you need to visit El Fogon. It's a Peruvian fast food restaurant with dinning. My friend introduced me to this restaurant a couple years back and I have become a regular. Their menu holds an array of things from chicken, to fish to seafood, steak, Lomo Saltado, fish ceviche.  Everything is seasoned well and very tasty.