Giveaway: The Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago & the Caribbean Recipe Book

I wish I could say it has been very quiet here for 2015 but it hasn't. I spent the end of 2014 in Tobago and came back just in time for the New Year to head into work. I guess since I started 2015 in my job it thinks it has ALL my time. Ha!!

As a result this is my first post for the new year and I would like to take this time to wish all of my readers a late but Happy and Prosperous 2015!! I wish nothing but the best and good things, and the ability to deal with the bad things till they pass.

Since I have been lapse and since I especially loved my few weeks in my home country and had an amazing reminder of food that I loved growing up, I am starting my post new year with a giveaway. Before I start this post let me share this amazing pic of the beach at Pigeon Point as a reminder of where I am NOT at this moment

Pigeon Point Tobago
Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago

Ok enough. To the cookbook, If you have always been interested in cooking Caribbean food this recipe book would be a great start for you. I come from a country that is extremely multicultural. It is deeply infused in our cultural habits and especially in our food. This book encompasses all of our cultures and the foods we all partake in as a country. The Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago & the Caribbean So you are going to see Creole, East Indian, Chinese, Spanish, English, Syrian, and Middle eastern recipes along with other Caribbean islands.

What I especially love about this book is that it is easy to follow and the food really does taste authentic. This book has become quite a staple in most Trini and Tobagonian households, especially those living abroad. It also provides alternatives to recipes and nutritional value to what is going to be prepared.

I am very happy to be able to gift one of my readers with a copy of this amazing book with 500 recipes and 32 colored photographs.

So let's get this thing started with the widget below!!! Goodluck guys!!!

The Multi-Cultural Cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago Recipe Book Giveaway


  1. I love making Jamacian Jerk Chicken!

    1. I loove Jerk chicken also Rebecca. Have to do mild though. The hot is toooo spicy for me.

  2. Oh my husband would LOVE it if I won this!

  3. Ooops, and for my comment, no, I really don't think I have. We both do love going to the Jamaican restaurant up the street though, so anything from that place!

    1. Hehe. Then you would love all the dishes in this book. It really does offer a wide variety of options. Good luck!!!

  4. Love the mix of cultural foods in this cookbook! Retweeting!


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