Restaurant Review: Aruba Beach Cafe

It was my birthday again and I was on the hunt for the place I wanted to enjoy some good food and
company. After much yelping and asking around I decided on Aruba Beach Cafe in Fort Lauderdale.

Aruba Beach Cafe is located in Lauderdale by the Sea which is known for it's night time activity. It offers Caribbean, seafood and pub food menus.

We attempted to get there for 8.30 on a Friday night, hoping to beat the early dinner crowd and beat the late dinner crowd. I called before and was informed that they do not do reservations, it is a first come first serve basis. Not too bad since the group was not over 6 people.

We got there later than expected and the area was already crowded. Fortunately, the restaurant offers Valet parking for $5. The restaurant was packed. It was also a cold night so no one really wanted to be seated outside. Though it was full it did not take them more than ten minutes to get us seated.

I was a bit disappointed that as we were being seated the band was packing up but the house music was also entertaining. We quickly dived into ordering some drinks. I got the pomegranate martini. It was very strong but not that great of a drink. My sister had a margarita and that was very good. Another good drink was the Bahama Mama.

Our orders came out rather quickly, as I said the place was full to capacity. So that was good. After chatting for a bit we opted to start with some appetizers as all of our party was not there yet. We decided to try the conch fritters, coconut shrimp and the bimini half loaf.

Bimini Bread with Aruba Glaze

Coconut Shrimp
Conch Fritters

I am not usually a fan of coconut shrimp as most times there is way more coconut than shrimp in the batter, but these had a nice balance. It was not oily or had that over powering coconut taste. There batter also complimented and not hid the shrimp. The key lime sauce though was a No!!

Conch fritters are another dish that is a scary try. Again this was good. The outside was crunch but the inside was very moist. They did not skimp on the conch. There was a nice balance of conch and batter and flavor.

The Bimini bread wasn't any different to me than any normal homemade bread. It was good though but nothing special. I did not try it with the garlic butter they provided and as I do not eat butter (I can see you making that "you are weird face")

Then it was time for dinner. The restaurant really offers a range of dishes for you to choose from.  There were soups, salads, burgers, Asian infused, Caribbean, Italian. There was no reason someone could not find something they wanted. One thing to note is that the kitchen closes at 11pm. I find that very strange considering that the place seems like it stays very lively until late into the night.

NY Strip Steak with lobster tail

Sea Food Stir Fry

Seafood Quesadilla

Pizza San Remo

I had the seafood quesadilla and it was amazing!! I was actually very surprised when I divide in. It was packed with seafood and seasoned very well. I stole some of my sisters stir fry and it was amazing. Somewhere under there is some rice. The flavor of the sea food with the ginger is to die for. I was very happy that she was unable to eat all of it and I got to take it home with me. It is surely a try. The pizza was ordered as an appetizer because it is listed as such, but when it came out it became my friend's entree because of the size. She had no complaints.

By the time we were done eating and chatting and getting ready to stand we realized that the place was packed even more. Another live band had set up at the front and people were partying. The atmosphere at this place is no way a come and dine quietly, but the noise is not overpowering to the dinner crowd.

I was very happy I selected Aruba Beach Cafe. The service was good, food was tasty, portion sizes were big, drinks were decent. Some may find it a little pricey but as I mentioned portions are large. Service was very good. Our server Sam was very very pleasant.

I have now added this restaurant to my list of returns. I need to experience outside on the deck and see the water

I give Aruba Beach Cafe 5 out of 5 stars

Aruba Beach Cafe
1 Commercial Blvd 
Lauderdale By the Sea,FL 33308
Phone:(954) 776-0001

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  1. yes;...and you have to go try the mussels in white or red sauce. And the frozen margaritas. And a Burger. :) Invite me when you return


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